Home of the yacht "RHUMB DO"







Photo Album

















                                  Rhumb Do entering Old Suakin......                                                                             .........and anchoring











                        The agent 'Mohammed' onboard for papers                                                                       We explore Old Suakin











Old Suakin











 Red Kites soar over the ruins.











Old Suakin











Robby amuses himself.











                                                                                                                   Old Suakin











Old Suakin











                            Leah, with a new set of gnashers!                                                                                      A large turtle shell.











                               Market stalls of Old Suakin.                                                                                    Strolling down the main street.











                                                                                                          Old Suakin mainstreet.











                                 On the bus to Port Sudan.                                                                              This chappie wanted his photo taken!











                                 Port Sudan transport.                                                                                                     A pavement 'tea-shoppe!'











                                                A tuk-tuk!                                                                                                             The 'race' is on!











Sure......we can all get in.




                                                                                                              Vasco da Gama Boats


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