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    january 2022


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02/01/22 Sun.  The poor weather continues unabated!  We have fairly strong winds from the northeast and continuous rain throughout the day and night - very depressing!   This morning we spent over on Shelley repairing the fresh water pump which had stopped working due to cable and contacts corrosion.

04/01/22 Tues.  Yesterday was the first morning in over a week that I was able to sit and enjoy morning coffee in the cockpit, with no rain!  However, it did come later on in the day for short periods.  Fitted the engine space blower yesterday, a few unforeseen problems with that job which were overcome by pushing a small person (Ana) into the restricted space - I can't get in there like she can!  This morning I wired it up. The original intention was to wire it into the ignition circuit but I had second thoughts and decided on wiring it to a spare switch so that it can be run for a few minutes after shutting down the engine.  It's a little noisy, but I expect we will soon get used to that.

07/01/22 Fri.  You may remember last month we tried to send a parcel from KK to Manila? This was on the 9th December at the J & T Express office.  Firstly, they wouldn't accept it because it had a used, second hand laptop inside.  OK, fair enough, we removed it and repacked the parcel with just doll dresses that Ana had made as a birthday and Christmas gift for her grand-daughter.  The tracking number now shows the package back at the J & T Office in KK and "under investigation".  There is no way to contact them as the phone number given is incorrect, the 'chat' line doesn't work, the complaint desk doesn't work, the hotline (manned 24 hours a day) doesn't work.  Steam is beginning to come out of my ears as it seems the only way to get anything done is to go to KK again and into the office.  They opened the parcel in the office last month and counted the dresses even though as courier, they had no right to do that, only customs can do that.  To say I am furious is an understatement!! 

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