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    june 2021


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02/06/21 Weds.  Removed the sprayhood this morning and Ana took off the stbd side of it and made a new side to fit.  Refitted it all during the afternoon.

03/06/21 Thurs.  Today's job was to fix the stanchion base which was damaged by Neil's anchor the other day.  Emptied the nav. berth and took down the deckhead, removed the stanchion from it's base and unbolted the base from the toerail.  I had to cut bolts to fit to reassemble.  Oddly enough, I had a phone call from the parcel delivery shop in town saying my parcel (of stanchion bases) was ready for collection!  Another all day job in the blazing sun - it's been so hot these last few weeks and with 98% humidity, life is becoming difficult and sleep at night is almost impossible.

05/06/21 Sat.  Collected my parcel from town yesterday.  Too hot to do anything much onboard.  We have a local man, James, doing some research into the vaccines for us and he is being told the same things - no vaccines for foreigners.  For the first time in years, we feel that we are not welcome in Malaysia, which is a sad state of affairs.  Now the army pontoon has banned us from using the landing stage as well.





08/06/21 Tues.  Still no luck with the Smartbank problem.  I've changed cables, connectors, ferrules, the Smartbank itself, the solenoid.  I've moved the solar panel input cable from house to engine battery and back again, I've changed the connect and disconnect voltages, I've measured continuity and resistance.......and still no change in the problem! The one fault I have found is the excessive voltage drop across the solenoid activation terminals (C1 and C2) which points to the Smartbank PCB being defective.  What I can't understand is why both the old and the new Smartbank units are showing the same symptoms, they can't both have the same fault........can they?





11/06/21 Fri.  The Malaysian Government have today extended MCO3, which is supposed to be 'full lockdown', for another 14 days - it now runs until the 28th June.

15/06/21 Tues.  Despite 'giving up' with the Smartbank, the problem goes around and around in my head and I worry it like a dog with a bone.  Each day, I think of some other thing to try or change, I think it's worked, and the next morning we are back to square one!  Argggh!!



18/06/21 Fri.  Enough!!  I've decided the fault is in the Smartbank itself, there is a 6.7v drop across what I think is a FET (Field effect transistor).  I am waiting to see what the manufacturers say about my thoughts and will then decide whether to replace it (again) or dump the lot and fit a DVSR in it's place.  Currently, the Smartbank is disconnected and only the Smartgauge wired in to show voltage on each battery bank.






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