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    april 2021


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01/04/21 Thurs.  Happy Birthday Ana!  Drove down to KK this morning, good trip down until we reached Tuaran....then roadworks and heavy traffic all the way into KK.

07/04/21 Weds.  Back to Kudat today after a hectic week shopping for all sorts of things for the two boats - solar panels, stainless steel, smart tv's, tools, materials for seats and covers. Most we brought back with us, the solar panels had been delivered to Kudat before we got back, and the stainless steel is going to take 5 weeks or so to come from Kuala Lumpur.

09/04/21 Fri.  R.I.P. Sir.  Condolences to Her Majesty and the Royal Family.

15/04/21 Thurs.  We may have a problem on our hands!  The Malaysian Government have issued an announcement that all foreign nationals with expired visa's must either leave Malaysia by 21st April, or apply for a special pass to remain.  We have spent a few days trying to sort out the genuine information from the mis-information, obtaining letters from the High Commisioner and various other bodies.  The end result though, is that we cannot leave because there are no country borders open.  We will visit immigration on Monday morning and ask what we have to supply to them in order to remain in Malaysia.

17/04/21 Sat.  After days of stress with the order to leave Malaysia, we will drive down to KK tomorrow and meet up with Alvin who is with Malaysia Yacht Support and Services to get help with the forms and requirements needed for our application for visa extension.  Four of us will be going down in one car, four in another and two in a third.



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