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    september 2018


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Sun 02/09/18  After a peaceful week in Brunei, we motored back to Labuan late yesterday afternoon and arrived in the marina just after 7pm.  It was excellent sailing weather coming back, which is a shame because I had no genoa fitted and the partially changed rig has not been tensioned yet, so I couldn't hoist the mainsail - typical.  Whilst in Brunei, I serviced both genoa winches, fitted new swage ends to the guardwires and one or two other small jobs.  Today we checked in with Labuan Immigration.

Mon 03/09/18  Checked in with Jabatan Laut this morning, then up to Neptune for the parts made for my forestay.  Susie Goodall is still in 6th place in the GGR, and six entrants have now retired from the race.

Sat. 08/09/18  Brent has been over for the last few days, helping me with the standing rigging.  We have fitted Sta-Lok studs to the four overlength lower shrouds and installed those.  The forestay remains a problem, firstly the aluminium extrusions for the new furler will not fit over the Sta-Lok fitting on the stay, the drum is going to be around nine inches higher than the old drum as well.  Neptune engineering (and indeed all the shops) are now closed until Wednesday next - another holiday - so we cannot get the extension plates cut and drilled to the size needed until then.

Fri. 14/08/18  Today is the day I left Gillingham Marina - 12 years ago! With the new extension plates now fitted to the forestay, I now need to take it all down again and start fitting the aluminium extrusions to the forestay.  However, Brent and Shane have gone to Brunei for their visa needs and will not be back for a few days.  With no-one to hoist me up the mast, that job will have to wait a while longer!  For anyone who is thinking of taking apart their Rotostay furler for bearing replacement, I have added a page to my workshop page, giving details of how to dismantle them.  Susie Goodall is still in 6th place in the GGR, but about 2000 miles behind the race leader.

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