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    february 2020


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04/02/20 Tues.  It took us two hours to check out this morning - I swear those offices are drowning under a sea of paperwork!!  Leaving at 0945 meant we had missed the ebb tide, but fortunately it was still slack water as we exited the channel and made our way towards Labuan.

05/02/20 Weds.  Checked in this morning - the on duty Immigration Officer was a bit 'jobs worth' and said Ana would have to return to the Philippines after her month here was up......we will have to see about that!

06/02/20 Thurs.  Booked two nights in our usual hotel in KK for Monday and Tuesday, on yet another trip there with the faulty laptop. I have tried several times to buy another here in Labuan but the so called shop has told me each time that they have no stock, only a display model.  Not sure why they stay open if they have nothing to sell, but that's Asia for you.  Another strange Asian thing is the ATM's, I tried to draw out 2000 ringgit yesterday at HSBC Bank, the machine told me I could only have 1500 maximum, so I keyed in that sum only for the machine to say I could only have 1350.  With that I went to Maybank ATM, keyed in the figure 2000 and that machine said I could only draw notes in multiples of 50!  It let me have 1500, but why not 2000?

14/02/20 Fri. We spent two days in KK and went into the process of bringing a complaint against the computer shop which sold me the Acer.  It's a long winded, difficult procedure!  We went to the TTPM address (Tribunal) but it had moved, taxi right across town to the new office, explained the situation and was told we had to go to the Malaysian Companies Commission (back on the other side of town!) and get a Company Profile of the shop from them.  Also 3 copies of same, receipts, invoices etc., etc., then back to TTPM to fill in the forms there AND to return on the 8th March for the hearing.  I decided that on balance it was hardly worth the effort, so I had the shop re-install Windows, bought another laptop from IMAGO and enjoyed the rest of our time in KK.  Hopefully, both the new and reformatted laptops will now run smoothly!!

15/02/20 Sat.  With some time to spare, along with some cordage, we decided to have a snakes wedding and try our hand at a long Turks Head on the steering pedestal!


20/02/20  Thurs.  A couple of days trying to sort out laptop programmes!



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