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    march 2018


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04/03/18 Sun.  After five days of frustration, we still haven't managed to catch the bloody rat.  We've tried all baits, all kinds of trap and placed them in various positions where we know it runs - all to no avail.  It's driving me nuts!  In the meanwhile, we've been into town (Friday) shopping for the usual foodstuffs and so forth and the plan is to sail back to Labuan tomorrow.

05/03/18 Mon.  After checking out this morning, we returned to the boat and then went to the yacht club for some lunch (and to await the tide).  We haven't seen any evidence of the rat since yesterday morning......my assumption is that it was outside when we locked up yesterday to go shopping as there was crap on deck at the bow.  So, it's locked out all day in the scorching heat, and either fell off or jumped off when we returned in the dinghy.  Time will tell!  We weighed anchor about 1430 and motor sailed back to Labuan, tying up alongside at 1800.

06/03/18 Tues. We checked in this afternoon and rented a car for a day again, took Bill out to the woodyards so he could get some hardwood to fit under his genoa car tracks, and to see 'our' chippy again with regard a new locker front for the toilet upper space.

07/03/18 Weds. Drove out to the airport to meet the 1100 flight from KL and collect Anton and Pam, the prospective new owners of Dulce, took them to their hotel and then to view the boat again.  Returned the car in the afternoon.

08/03/18 Thurs.  At Anton and Pam's request, we took Dulce out for a trial sail this morning, slipping around 0930 and hoisting the mainsail and genoa as soon as we were clear of the harbour entrance.  We sailed to Kuraman Island and dropped the hook off the beach, had some lunch and then motored back to the marina.  We all had dinner together at the Dorset Hotel.

12/03/18 Mon.  After a few days helping Anton and Pam (who have now flown home), doing a few jobs on my own boat and giving the locker front to the chippy for renewal, we can now relax for a day.  Mr Rat has not reappeared, which is very pleasing!

13/03/18 Tues.  A day or two back, we met the crew of Kigdlua, a Dane by the name of Jens and his Inuk wife Dorthe.  Such an interesting couple!  They had bought the boat in Greenland (a wreck) for $1, done it up and sailed through the North West Passage (no mean feat!) and into the North Pacific, periodically hosting a Danish TV crew for a show at home.  Today, they and the tv crew were onboard Rhumb Do filming and interviewing - pity we cannot get Danish television! 

15/03/18 Thurs.  The wheel pilot, a Raymarine SPX5 model, has a crack in the front cover yet again.  These units are just no good in the tropical sun, nor are they man enough for a cruising boat.  This afternoon, I took the wheel off and dismantled the unit with the intention of strengthening the cover with fibre-glass.  We have put one layer of matting and epoxy resin on and now wait for it to dry thoroughly.  I wish I could find (and afford) the drive unit which fits on the lower gearbox of the steering pedestal, and do away with this Mickey Mouse contraption.



16/03/18 Fri.    No, it's not a 'bucket and chuckit' new toilet, it's the wheelpilot cover plate with it's second layer of glass fibre matting and resin.  Will sand and paint it when completely dry.










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