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    december 2017


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01/12/17 Fri.  Happy Birthday to Ann in England.  My parcel containing rigging is now in Singapore, and so is the new rocker shaft for Bob's boat.

02/12/17 Sat.  Two days of doing very little except the laundry and some shopping.  A note to anyone sailing into Brunei - we used to be able to buy diesel and petrol very cheaply there but the rules have changed since I last bought fuel.  I hear now that you cannot buy fuel in cans unless you have a yellow IC, even the long term ex-pats (green IC) with boats there now have a problem!

04/12/17 Mon.  FLIES!!  They are driving me nuts, the boat is full of them from dawn to dusk!  Yesterday, we retreated to the mall in Financial Park for a few hours, just to escape them.  I am convinced they are in the marina because of all the rubbish strewn around and thrown in the water, as there doesn't seem to be a problem elsewhere.  Marina management really need to do something but that will never happen!

05/12/17 Tues. My rigging parcel (34Kg) arrived this afternoon, and the spare parts for Bob's boat came yesterday - so that's another few jobs lined up!

07/12/17 Thurs.  Caught the 7.45am boat to Menumbok this morning, then a three and a half hour bus ride to KK, followed by a three hour taxi ride to Kudat, arriving onboard Dulce around 4pm.  Had a quick coffee before going into town for a very late lunch and some immediate shopping requirements.

08/12/17 Fri.  Dulce engine - checked all the valves were still free in their guides, checked the cam followers had not rusted in their sleeves, fitted push rods, rockers and rocker shaft and all ancillary pumps, hoses and other equipment.  Attempted engine start......starter not spinning engine fast enough!  Removed starter motor and stripped sun wheel and planetary gears, cleaned and replaced, still not spinning fast enough.

09/12/17 Sat.  Intended taking starter motor to electrical workshop today but like a dog with a bone I had to have another go at it!  I took it off the engine again and wired it direct to the battery and it worked fine.  With 13 volts in the battery, it had to be faulty wiring, so I removed and cleaned every connection in sight before refitting the starter motor.  Turned the key and the engine started immediately - but the alternator was not charging.  I figured it had lost it's residual magnetism while standing such a long time, so I 'flashed' the field coil from the B+ terminal and now it's working fine.  Ran the engine up to operating temp and no obvious leaks of water from anywhere.

10/12/17 Sun.  Inflated the dinghy, fitted it with new safety lines as the old ones were of polypropylene (hate that stuff!)  and hoisted it back onto it's davits.

11/12/17 Mon.  Ran the port engine up to operating temperature, then pumped out all the oil and removed the filter.  Into town for new filter and more oil, then topped it up and ran again.......all OK.


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