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                     .           Cobble and Storm Dodger downwind to Marsa Thelemet                .......and coming to anchor in Marsa Thelemet, Gulf of Suez.










                        Cobble at sunrise in Sheratib Shoals, Gulf of Suez.                                     Esper  running downwind to Sheik Riyah harbour











                      eeyore out of Port Ghalib, Egypt                                                                      Moody Time  out of Port Ghalib, Egypt











                             Esper out of Port Ghalib, Egypt                                                                O. Khayam out of Port Ghalib, Egypt











                                Still Dreaming overtaking Cobble                                          Easy 'n Free on sunset approach to Sharm Luli, Egypt













Storm Dodger in the Arabian Sea under full sail, and in light airs.













                       Shelter anchored off Hallaniyah Island                                                                       Roam II  leaving Hallaniyah.











                             Anthea leaving Hallaniyah Island.                                                                                    eeyore at sunset.











                                                   Mistral.                                                                                The smallest boat in the rally - Rhumb Do.











                        Rhumb Do and eeyore en route to Salalah.                                                                               Full Flight.


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