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Haul out in marmaris - 2008










14/03/08 - Ready for lift out on the small hoist











Divers check the slings prior to lift











Up she comes!
The underwater garden - cultivated here in Marmaris











The initial powerwash gets rid of most growth and barnacles










Roger watches from the wheel of the 'larger' hoist


All that remains of the sacrificial anode
Comparisons between Rhumb Do and Blackfoot Warrior










Rhumb Do - cutlass bearing removed
Blackfoot Warrior - recessed bearing, smaller prop
Rhumb Do
Blackfoot Warrior


Different rudder shape - BW has added area










24/03/08 - "Pink bottomed girls, they make the rocking world go round"











Cutless bearing replaced.....but where's my prop?





Ah....there it is!






29/03/08 - All blue again!
New sacrificial anode.












Towed onto the 'runway' and now awaiting my place on the hoist for re-launching



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