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bombay (mumbai)













Refuelling at sea on the way to Mumbai.











Refuelling at sea on the way to Mumbai.












Gateway of India (and our landing point) - built in 1911 for the visit of King George V and Queen Mary.











                                    The Army and Navy Store.                                                                 Typical old Fiat taxi (meter on the left wing!)










       Victoria Railway Station.











Victoria Station gateposts - lion representing Britain and a tiger for India.                                              The Taj Mahal Hotel.











                                          Crawford Market.                                                                                          Mumbai from the Hanging Gardens











              above and left;       Corporation Building.

















In the backstreets of Mumbai, machinists work in the 'compact' quarters of a shop front.











Give way to cows!











On the veranda of The Royal Bombay Yacht Club.











"The Laundry" in Mumbai.











"The Laundry" in Mumbai.











                                         Fishermen's Village.                                                                                     The Laundry school room.











    Jain Temple.







The decorative ceiling of the Jain Temple - and 'the rules.'

















                                         Jain Temple dome ceiling.                                                                  Marine Drive, formerly 'The Queen's Necklace' 

This will be the hairdressing salon then?


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