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turkey 2009

















Onboard Rhumb Do,  with my old HMS Hermes shipmate Bob - 3rd April 2009











Bob, Astrid and myself enjoying lunch at Çinar restaurant - 5th April 2009











    12/05/09   Party-time onboard Storm Dodger.......Astrid, Toni, Roger, Paul and someone we don't know!





















                    Sorting out Roger's cruising chute sheets.                                               This idiot gulet captain anchored much too close!!











        Storm Dodger under sail in light airs.  Simi in the background                                  The anchorage off Orhaniye, Keci Bükü











                                                                                            07/07/09 - Fruit market at Milas                                                                       











                                           Çökertme                                                                             F5 from Degirmen Bükü to Amazon Creek










                                             11/07/09 Relaxation time in Amazon Creek                                                           11/07/09  Amazon Campsite











                                                                                11/07/09  Leah starts to get worried in the Amazon jungle!











                        11/07/09 Up the creek with my paddle!                                                  11/07/09  Rhumb Do at anchor in Amazon Creek.         











                                                25/07/09    Deja Vu......Mobbed in the pool at Orhaniye by Leah, Ben and Amy.  Reminiscent of Corfu!












                                 A girl has to have a bath somehow!                                                                        14/08/09 Thomas of Viva Solo











                                14/08/09 - Tony of Full Flight.                                                                               14/08/09 - Davy of Roamer











                              Sundowner time in Kuruca Bükü                                                                      05/09/09 - Nadja and Eli in Rhodes










                                                        31/08/09 - Eli at the helm of Storm Dodger                                                 03/09/09 - Livádhia Harbour, Nisos Tilos.











                     13/10/09 - Marmaris Fish Market ...bored with fish!                                                       13/10/09 - but temptation!











    Leaving Marmaris Yacht Marine for the last time (I thought!)              ...................................for the last time - take two!

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