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slip anchor delivery july 2008










15/07/08 Bags onboard in Badalona Marina
Cyprus is that way I think










Better check we still have a propeller


Yep, it's still there!











18/07/08   Ready to go
Just put some fuel in first











21/07/08  'Thar she blows'
We managed to get right alongside.....











......and dived into the depths.


......until she tired of us......











22/07/08   Rog and myself, relaxing in F8!
23/07/08   Entering Grand Harbour, Malta












23/07/08  Grand Harbour Marina


23/07/08  Valletta in the early morning sun










Vittoriosa streets within a couple of minutes from the boat.











Overlooking Grand Harbour Marina


Our main 'shopping square'











24/07/08  Entering Msida for diesel........
......and leaving with Frank on the helm















25/07/08  We should have left Rob up there!
25/07/08  Cruising chute weather










25/07/08  "OK Frank, this is a winch!"


28/07/08  Entry into Ay Galini, Crete










28/07/08   Alongside, Ay Galini
Not many tourists around at this time of day!
28/07/08   Rob, ......fool dude











28/07/08  Rog, .......cool dude











29/07/08  Frank huddles against the elements.......
.......and Rog struggles to light his fag!



30/07/08  Breakfast....heart attack on a plate!









29/07/08   Frank - 'on watch!'










02/08/08  and Rob smiles at the wedge in his pocket!


02/08/08  Rog checks the internet











02/08/08  Latchi, Cyprus....and Slip Anchor delivered safely.
03/08/08  Time to go home......'bye Slip Anchor.



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