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    september 2019


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03/09/19 Tue.  I ordered a new winch for my mast on the 23rd of last month, prior to going to Brunei, thinking it will have time to get here while we are away for a week........ha!  It seems that it is still in the 'packaging stage' and will be dispatched on the 7th Sept - 15 days after paying for it??

06/09/19 Fri.  Woken by a big thunderstorm at 5am this morning, but it cleared by 8am.  Our watering hole, the Back Yacht, has closed down for reasons unknown to us at this moment - perhaps a contract issue?  I have replaced all the deck fittings (twistlocks, and lift-the-dot fasteners) for the sprayhood, the new ones had different screw hole dimensions which of course meant filling in the 'old' holes and drilling new.

07/09/19  Sat.  Back to the troublesome sprayhood today!  We are getting closer to the correct fitting at last, just a few more alterations to make and I hope it will soon fit.  In between, Ana made fender socks for our two remaining (unsocked) fenders.  A hazy but very hot and humid day.

10/09/19 Tues.  My parcel (new winch) is finally on it's way by UPS.  It took 18 days from payment to being handed over to the courier - not good!  It is now in Lithuania and scheduled for delivery on the 12th which I think is a little optimistic.  Fitting that is another job which will be difficult and has possible disaster issues, so I'm not really looking forward to it.

13/09/19 Fri. The annual burning of vegetation in Indonesia has brought the usual thick smoke to Malaysia and Singapore.  The Indonesian Minister of Environment, Siti Nurbaya Bakar, denies it is the fault of Indonesia and blames Sarawak and Malaysia for the haze despite the overwhelming evidence of weather patterns and satellite imagery.  Another politician who has no bloody idea of what is going on and lies through her teeth!!

14/09/19 Sat.  We have had several days of atrocious weather with F7 winds and torrential rain as the air is being sucked north by a tropical depression in the Philippines, and of course the worst of it is always at night!  Another day on the sprayhood, this time we are going to leave it as it is..........it's not as good as it should be, but after over two months of messing about, we have both had enough - it will have to do!  Still have to fit two zips to the front window panel for us to have an opening section though.  My parcel, as expected, is not here yet, nor will it be until Tues 17th at the earliest, as Monday is a holiday.

15/09/19 Sun.  It's now 10 years since my Mum died but it seems like just yesterday.

Mum and me in July 1985.

16/09/19 Mon.  Malaysia Day - a public holiday for the day in 1963 that the Federation of Malaysia was formed.

18/09/19 Weds.  So the sprayhood now has a roll up section of window to allow breeze through and we are now making a new bimini top to zip to it.

19/09/19 Thurs.  This morning I went out with Craig on his powerboat (Tripple Nine) for a short sea-trial, there are some problems with both gearboxes engaging, which will need to be sorted out before taking the boat up to KK.  The port engine will not engage astern and when we came back into the marina, the starboard engine would not engage ahead but Craig handled it very well and we moored without incident.  The plan is to take it to KK tomorrow.........and tow Kanaway the whole way.

20/09/19 Fri.  We all went down to Immigration this morning to check out (5 of us) and at 1000 hrs, we cast off the lines and motored outside the marina to Kanaway at anchor.  We first tried to raft up to her for towing but the difference in toerail height did not allow that, so we rigged the tow astern with about 50 mtrs of tow rope, then set off toward Tiga.  We were making about 5 knots on one engine, Kanaway is around 25 tons, and we passed by Tiga in the dark, continuing toward KK.

21/09/19 Sat.  A few problems along the way, a slightly leaking stern gland on the port engine, a navigation lights failure, an internal leak on the hydraulic steering - mostly either fixed underway or endured.  We approached the channel into Wawasan anchorage just after 0200, shortening the tow to about 15 mtrs.  The first two channel markers were unlit, so they were initially difficult to spot.  Craig made a good job of navigating to the last two markers before turning to stbd a little too tight and running Kanaway onto the mud.  It took about an hour to manoeuvre around and pull the tow off before we were able to continue into the anchorage.  By 0400, we were anchored and Kanaway rafted alongside - all of us tired!  Bodge and Tony both live in KK, and they went ashore to home, Craig, Ana and I all went to bed for a few hours. After breakfast some hours later, we noticed that the tow rope from last night (a 1" x 3 strand polyester/nylon) had in fact frayed through one strand, close to the cleat onboard Kanaway. Craig and I launched the dinghy and he took Ana and I ashore.  We visited Ana's Grandma before heading off to Cititel Express Hotel, a hot shower and a sleep!

22/09/19 Sun.  Refreshed after a good night's sleep, we went for breakfast before walking through Kampong Air to the bus terminal opposite City Hall - except it had gone, the terminal was no longer there!  We asked a local taxi driver where it had moved to and got him to take us there........it's now opposite Wawasan Plaza, almost where we came ashore in the dinghy yesterday morning.  We took the bus to Menumbok, and a fast speedboat to Labuan, arriving back onboard about 3.30pm.

23/09/19 Mon.  My parcel finally arrived today - only a month to deliver - that has to be the longest wait ever.

24/09/19 Tues.  Ana woke this morning feeling unwell, she was cold even with several layers of clothing, complaining of a sore throat and a temperature of 101oF.  She remained in bed until afternoon and then I took her to the Docs for a check up and some medicine.

26/09/19 Thurs.  Ana is still unwell and can hardly talk but the fever is diminishing.  Alain and Violetta (Gladiateur) came back yesterday so now there are two boats in the marina with people onboard!  There are only 7 yachts in total, 3 catamarans and 4 monohulls.

28/09/19 Sat.  Checked out for our monthly trip to Brunei.  The new bimini is fitted but needs some adjustments, however it will do for this trip!

29/09/19 Sun.  Slipped our mooring and made our way across to Muara - a good crossing albeit into the wind.

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