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    september 2015


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02/09/15  Ordered my new shower drain pump from Defender.  Went into town to ferry terminal and booked ticket to KK for Friday, had lunch in Murphy's and watched Man United game on tv whilst there.

03/09/15  Rob (Jolie Brise) left this morning to return to Kudat.

04/09/15  Caught the 8am ferry to KK and checked into Cititel Express Hotel for 3 nights.  Met up with Anna from Manila who is now working in KK and had dinner with her and her Mum.

05/09/15  Wandered around town during the day, ordered couple of new embroidered shirts (boat name) before again meeting up with Anna after her work finished at 5pm.  Had dinner and browsed shops in Centre Point.

06/09/15  Anna's day off, and spent wandering around and visiting her Gran in Sembulan.  Italian Grand Prix on tele in the evening!!

07/09/15  Karamunsing and the computer shops!  Legs and hips giving me problems, perhaps I have overdone the walking?

08/09/15  8am ferry back to Labuan, arriving 11.30, do some washing before Garry (Inca II) showed up from Kudat on a visa run, had dinner with him in marina cafe.  My pump from Defender has been in Sepang, Malaysia for couple of days.......awaiting clearance??

10/09/15  Phone call from Garry.........bus blew a front tyre and went off the road into a ditch on way back to Kudat and he now has stitches in face and leg!

My pump finally arrived in marina at 4pm - I suppose 8 days from ordering in the US to delivery in Malaysia isn't bad!!

11/09/15  Heavy rain this morning so washing bedding is out!  Removed old shower pump and fitted new one - not as difficult as first imagined but awkward nonetheless as all had to be done "by feel" using my left hand only.

12/09/15  Had dinner at the yacht club with Alison and Paul from Brunei - a nice Kingfish that they caught on way over from Serasa......very nice!  Thanks guys!

14/09/15  Another anniversary of my sailing date from Gillingham!  Not a lot happening, just normal day to day activities, weather is variable with a lot of haze being carried up on the breeze from clearance burning to the south - Indonesia's yearly plantation clearing.

16/09/15  The haze worsens over the last week or so, news reports that Singapore may have to make alternative plans for the Grand Prix this coming weekend.  Some here are suffering ailments due to the polluted air.  Why does Indonesia have to burn off such large tracts of land at one time?  20/09/15  Met Anna at the ferry terminal for her short visit to Labuan.  In the evening we met up with Ann from the marina cafe, her husband Mark and children Juliana and Julian, and had dinner together at the Red Onion.  My "thank you" to them for bringing me meals and shopping when I was unable to walk.

21/09/15  Engine won't start!!  Battery was the immediate suspect, but now think differently as start button produces absolutely nothing!  At the Red Onion again tonight with Paul, Alison, Alistair, John and others.

23/09/15  We went out with Barry, Precious and Matt for meal tonight, then onto Havoc night club.......Barry and I carrying Matt out at home time!!

25/09/15  My favourite job of emptying the nav berth and crawling into space behind instrument panel in attempt to track down electric fault on engine start.  Removed start button and spent whole day looking for replacement in town.

26/09/15  Removed starter motor and stripped it down.  It was 'serviced' in Kudat but it is obvious that only the Bendix was touched as the fault became evident when the rear cover and the brush locator plate  was removed - two of the four brushes were not in contact with the commutator and the whole thing was choked with dirt and carbon dust.  Cleaned and reassembled.

27/09/15  Fourteeen of us at the yotties lunch table in the Dorset Hotel today!  My battery charger has not been used for some months and although it is now switched on, it seems not to be doing anything - the solar panel continues to keep batteries topped up.

28/09/15  We walked into town and had lunch of Roti Chanai before Anna caught the fast boat to Menumbok on her way back to KK and work! I had my ears lowered and did a little shopping before returning to the boat.

29/09/15 A day of doing nothing much......woke up to rain which gave way to a sunny morning, then rain again in afternoon.

30/09/15  I emptied the nav berth again and with Bill's help (my arms are not long enough to reach both sides of bulkhead!) fixed in the new starter button before I replaced the starter motor and battery cables - only managed to cut myself once!  Engine now starts and runs OK.   Still somewhat puzzled by battery charger which is obviously not working as it should and is now switched off again.


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