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    october 2020


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03/10/20 Sat.  With the new ban on inter-district travel now in force, we are no longer able to go to Kota Kinabalu (or anywhere outside the Kudat district) for the next two weeks minimum.  This was brought about by a spike in Covid cases in Sabah - electioneering rallies maybe?

09/10/20 Fri.  Not much to report, I've been taking it easy and just doing odd little jobs around the boat.  Today I riveted on two 'eyes,' which had come adrift, to the spinnaker pole, just as the rain started!  Tonight we plan on going to The Cottage for dinner.... if the rain holds off. (It didn't, and we didn't!)

16/10/20 Fri.  We've had mixed weather, a lot of rain and gusty winds but no worries.  The State of Sabah is back in lockdown (I think this is day 4) with no travel, no restaurants open except for take-aways and businesses only open with permits.  This particular lockdown is scheduled to last for 2 weeks but it could of course be extended.  I have had a few days of trouble with my laptop being unable to access a number of sites, including e-mails, but think I have now fixed that.

17/10/20 Sat.  We had a bit of excitement last night!  I was shaving as the wind got up, the boat started to roll in the gusts and then Ana shouted that we were getting close to the boat on our port side.  By the time I reached the deck, we were touching it!  Neil's starboard stern line to shore had parted, allowing both boats to drift to port and me to bump into Corola II, an unoccupied steel boat on my port side. Craig came over and assisted us to rig new lines and winch both Shelley and Rhumb Do back into position.  This morning, Neil and I rigged more permanent mooring lines to shore.

22/10/20 Thurs.  I had my Cross of St. George flag flying all day yesterday for Trafalgar Day.  The corona virus is running out of control again in town here, I think 4 new cases on the 19th, 15 on the 20th and 30 yesterday - total now in Kudat is 94 active.  We are limiting visits to town and with Ana only going for shopping.

23/10/20 Fri. Kudat virus cases up by another 8 overnight, now 102 active cases.

24/10/20 Sat. Up by another 14 to 116 active cases.

25/10/20 Sun. A surge of 40 cases overnight.

27/10/20 Tues.  We have been having fairly strong winds this last couple of days due to a cyclone up north, it's due to calm down tonight but two more are forming next week!  Covid cases in Kudat went up by 22 on Sunday and 47 yesterday - which puts us in the red zone now.

30/10/20 Fri.  This morning, we ran out of cooking gas.  Craig and Josephine kindly took our bottle to the store to exchange but were unsuccessful because "it was a Labuan bottle".  Now we know that isn't right because we changed it here on arrival - we will have to wait until the store we got it from opens again.  New cases of Covid have fluctuated over the last few days, but yesterday there were nil new cases.


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