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    october 2019


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04/10/19 Fri.  Our week in Brunei is coming to an end, we borrowed Barry's car and did our shopping at Supasave (the usual bacon, sausages etc!), bought 40 litres of diesel and were back onboard by midday.  We checked out with the usual offices during the afternoon and spent the evening in the clubhouse.

05/10/19 Sat.  Up early and having coffee in the cockpit by 4.30am, stowed the outboard engine, hoisted the dinghy on deck and lashed it down, checked engine oil and water and all the other little jobs necessary before going to sea.  Weighed anchor at first light (0630) and motored out of the anchorage, through the channel and towards Labuan.  The autopilot was not working but removing the fuse, turning it round and replacing it fixed the problem.  Arrived back alongside our marina berth at 1015, went into town and checked in with all the offices.

09/10/19 Weds.  We are the only occupied boat  in the marina now, Alistair left yesterday and a Korean registered boat only stayed one night.  I have received two packages, one an engine temperature alarm system (I have always worried about the engine overheating) and my stainless nuts and bolts for fitting the winch to the mast.  Neither job is going to be easy, each has it's own big problems which I am trying to think through.

12/10/19 Sat.  I have started the process of fitting the engine temperature alarm but it will take some time to run wires through tight spaces! 

24/10/19 Thurs.  We have just got back from Kudat -  we got the bus from Menumbok to KK on Weds. 16th and joined Craig, Nelly and Neil onboard Jessica Lee to tow Kanaway up to Kudat, stopping off for a night in both Usukan and Agal Bays.  On arrival in the duck pond at Kudat, we stayed onboard for a few days, doing some jobs - like getting the outboard engine to run better and setting the valve clearances on the starboard engine (it has two V8 Caterpillar 3208's of 285Hp each).  Yesterday morning we left Kudat and took a taxi to KK, staying a night there to look for a new laptop as mine went crazy before we left and is in danger of the battery exploding!  It will take some time to get the new one working as I would like and I'm not sure if I can get this website to load onto it yet - so we will have to just wait and see!  This could possibly be the last entry!!

26/10/19 Sat.  The last two nights we have been woken at 3am by a bloody rat onboard!  On each occasion, we got up, made a coffee and sat in the cockpit with all lights off and the door open and we saw the shadow of the intruder come out of the saloon, jump onto the cockpit seat and scuttle away over the coaming.  I have no idea how it/they got inside, we have two hatches and a door - all covered with netting.  Today, we went into town and bought a trap, setting it on the stbd aft deck before going to bed.

27/10/19 Sun.  OK, one rat caught and disposed of.  Yesterday we did some of the wiring needed for the engine temp alarm and bought some more cable to reach the aft cabin for the loud siren.  I am still using the old laptop because I cannot get the new one to work properly with this site, for some reason it is not displaying the correct files on the remote site, a problem I will eventually overcome somehow!

28/10/19 Mon.  Another public holiday!  Completed the fitting/wiring of the engine temperature alarm and tested it all works.  We caught another rat last night and sent it swimming this morning.  I think I may have solved some of the problems with this site on the new laptop but I'm not holding my breath!

30/10/19 Weds.  Rat number 3 caught last night.  Completed engine oil change and cleaned both air and oil filters.

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