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    october 2015


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04/10/15  Went to ferry terminal to meet Ana who is over from KK again for a few days.


05/10/15  Had a ride around the island, visited the chimney - probably the best known landmark in Labuan, built around 1900 but nobody knows why!  First thought to be ventilation shaft for coal mine, but no tunnel under it.  Is not a smoke chimney.  Bell tower or lighthouse......or just a landmark monument??  106 feet high and 25,000 bricks for what?  Answers on postcard please!


06/10/15  Ana has made new fitted sheets for the fwd cabin, and some temporary covers for the seat area of saloon, so they were put on this morning - looks brighter already!

08/10/15  We walked to ferry terminal this morning, Ana to get speedboat to Menumbok and me to catch ferry to Muara - only just caught it through slight half hour error on my part!  In Brunei by 10am, went into Muara town, had a bit of lunch and got the 12.30 bus back to ferry terminal for the 1pm ferry to Labuan - another 90 days on my passport!  Ana back in KK by 1pm.

11/10/15  Neil (Shelley) and I went into town for dinner and a night out, great time had and back onboard around 2am!

14/10/15  Neil left for airport to fly to Perth for a month.  Had beer with him before taxi came!

16/10/15  Dinner with Bill and Lyda onboard Viajero.

19/10/15  Ana came from KK to spend a few more days with me, did some shopping and watched movies!

20/10/15  John (ex pat) invited Ana, myself, Bill and Lyda for dinner at his house, so we all walked up there at 6 and had a very pleasant couple of hours chatting.

21/10/15  Flag of St George hoisted this morning, not that there are any French/Spanish boats in the marina, but you never know!  Spent most of the day moving gear on deck and scrubbing the decks clean.  Pest control agency turned up to look at Neil's termite problem and I let them into his boat to inspect it.  The haze/smog is back with a vengeance and I understand firefighters from Australia, New Zealand and Singapore have now been sent to Indonesia to put out the fires.

22/10/15  Put my back out yesterday lifting 50 metres of 1" rope awkwardly - back to hobbling around for a day or two!

26/10/15  Spent the day tracing a fault on the GPS which would not power up - at first I suspected the main panel switch but on removing that, all was OK.  I then had to remove other panels to trace wiring and found two faults - a corroded fuse holder and a dodgy earth connection, both now repaired and the GPS working.   However, in true Sod's Law fashion, another problem showed up.........the Simrad Navico instruments have reached the end of their life, they are dead, deceased, kaput!!!   Although all still come on, the screens are so black that data is unreadable and all will have to be replaced.  Unfortunately, that is going to be both a long and expensive job.

28/10/15  Transferred the 100 litres of diesel from the on deck jerry cans to the fuel tank, then did some shopping in town.  A new boat arrived in the marina - Patrick and Rebecca onboard 'Brick House' with their cat Lily!  With the ITCZ slowly now moving south, the winds have been blowing from an easterly direction over the last few days and are now keeping the smoke and smog of Indonesia away from our area.

29/10/15  Low water pressure at the shower head is making me think that maybe the pump pressure switch is faulty but of course it cannot be replaced on it's own, a whole new pump unit is required!   The existing pump has over time been replaced by newer models, and I will have to search the internet for a replacement - unless I can adapt a pressure switch that Paul has spare!

31/10/15  Bill and Lyda flew home to Australia for a month this morning, I am to keep an eye on their boat Viajero - that's four (Viajero, Shelley, Dulce and Crib) I am watching now!  Ana also left at 9am to go home to KK for a few days, should be back here by Wednesday of next week.

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