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  october 2013


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02/10/13  I spent the whole of this morning at the hospital, having my pre-admission blood tests, x-rays, ECG's and so forth.  I also had a meeting with the anaesthetist who will be responsible for keeping me 'out of it' for the duration of the operation, I hope she's good at her job!

13/10/13  Into hospital tomorrow morning at 7am for my op.....dreading the next few weeks!  A nice 'surprise' over the weekend when Astrid, Roger, Leah and Jordan came up to see me and wish me well, it was great to see you all.  Thank you!

14/10/13  Clive and Babs drove into Blackpool Hospital with me and waited while the staff got me sorted out.  I then had to wait for my 'slot' in theatre and the last thing I remember was looking at the clock at 1.30pm.

15/10/13  Op all over and I've been in the intensive care unit overnight.  Now made to march on the spot and some of the lines to me are disconnected before transferring me to Ward 38 - right in the middle of visiting hour!

22/10/13  Each day, staff have removed more and more of the IV lines, electric cables and tubes.  The four of us sharing the ward have compared pains and problems and Clive and Babs have visited every day but now it's time to leave and start the recovery process proper.  Clive came to pick me up late afternoon and take me back to his house.  I feel sore in three main areas, the chest where I was opened up for the by-pass, my left leg from where they took the vein and my left arm from where they took the radial artery.




23/10/13  A visit from the district nurse today who removed the stitches where my two chest drains had been.


25/10/13 The staples used to hold my arm together after the operation have been removed by the district nurse over the last two days, so now I'm free of all the additional bits that were added during my 'engine overhaul'.






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