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Bay of Bengal ............. Sandeep in oilies and me in need of a shave!  (but it was a 17 day crossing!)

                Nitin onboard Storm Dodger - with his Tuna catch.                                               My Spanish Mackerel in South China Sea.











                        15/07/11  My second Spanish Mackerel                                                  Ayesha - crewed for Storm Dodger from Goa to Cochin










                                   Sunset off Port Dickson, Malaysia                                                                         Leah - Sungai Klias, Sabah, Borneo











                                     Mutley....L is for Liver!                                                                Me in the tunnel to St Katherines Monastery, Sinai, Egypt











                Rhumb Do passing impounded trawlers in Masawa, Eritrea.




            Leah, Wendy, Reggie, William and Winsler in Brunei.











                           Fresh water mussels in Kerala, India                                                                                Being re-launched in Kudat, Malaysia.


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