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04/05/19 Sat.  Over the last few days, Ana has made an awning for our neighbours Jay and Ta, but we have a problem with the eyelets which we recently bought from KK.  They are half inch stainless steel and although we have a half inch die set to install them, it doesn't fit!  Obviously a UK half inch is not the same as an Asian half inch!!  So today we went in search of another die set which of course are not available here.  Luckily, we found a small lathe shop who could make one for us.

05/05/19 Sun.  We are still having problems with the fitting of eyelets (grommets), the tool we had made yesterday is crushing the sleeve rather than bending it over the backing plate.  I will go back to the engineering shop tomorrow and try to explain the problem to them.

07/05/19 Tues.  Finally sorted out the eyelet fitting tool and completed the awning for Jay & Ta - next will be one for Rhumb Do and another for Neil on Shelley, but those will have to wait until we have been to Brunei.

09/05/19 Thurs.  Did some final shopping and visited Jabatan Laut, Immigration and Customs - checked out to leave tomorrow for Brunei.

10/05/19 Fri.  Slipped our mooring around 9am and motored (with mainsail up) across to Brunei, the wind was just off the nose and gentle, so it was not a quick passage across. We had no problems with the new fuel system that I fitted a week or so ago.

16/05/19 Thurs.  After a week of varying weather conditions, very hot in the mornings, squalls and heavy rain during the evenings, we checked out of Muara and weighed anchor at 10am.  Again the winds were light and we motorsailed with the genoa up for half way, then motored the rest of the way to Labuan.

17/05/19 Fri.  Checked into Malaysia again, bought some material to complete a job for Joe and Kirsten onboard Halo, and to make awnings for ourself and Shelley.

18/05/19 Sat.  Ana sewed the new casing for Halo's lifesling this morning, and we then went over to Shelley to measure for Neil's awning.  During the aftenoon, Ana sewed together the 3 sections of material (pvc) to make the basic shape for Neil's awning.

19/05/19 Sun.  Completed the PVC awning for Neil on Shelley, it measures 5 metres by 4 metres, so was quite a job for Ana to sew, complete with webbing and stainless eyelets.

20/05/19 Mon. Rhumb Do is becoming more like a sewing shop than a boat!  We measured and marked out the PVC material for an awning for ourselves, and Ana began the sewing of that.  A few other sewing jobs for other boats are on the waiting list!

22/05/19 Weds.  My discharge date from the Navy - 45 years ago!  Our boom tent/awning is up and keeping the boat cooler than it was.  The heat exchanger filler neck has become detached again for some reason, maybe I cleaned it too well when epoxying it on the 30th January.  I will rough up the surface and try again today.

24/05/19 Fri.  More sewing, this time fender socks for Shalimar and ourselves, mosquito nets and halyard bags. 

26/05/19 Sun.  For some time now, I've been suffering with a blocked ear which is throwing off my balance etc.  I've been putting warm olive oil in each evening, and all sorts of crap has come out, I've been thinking of packing it up and sending it to Madame Tussaud's to make a model of the Titanic or something.  It is still blocked, but not as bad as before......and now I have a cold on top of that, so my head is full!

31/05/19 Fri.  Yesterday I went to the docs, fed up with this ear, she had a poke around inside and told me there was a small infection in my right ear but more wax in the left ear, which is not surprising because I've shovelled out a load from my right ear!  Anyway, drops in both ears 3 times a day and a 5 day course of antibiotics for the infection.  Now I can't hear a damn thing because of the drops!  Have to go back in 5 days time and she will 'hoover' it all out.

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