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01/05/16 Sun.  A whole bunch of us went to the Dorset Hotel for lunch.

03/05/16 Tues.  Bob rented a car today and we all (me, Ana, Maree, Lyda and Juanita) drove to the other end of the island, to Palm Beach Resort for lunch and a relaxing afternoon away from the boats.

07/05/16 Sat.  After a few days giving Bob a hand with a seized port engine, we finally got it to turn and found out the cause - sea water in the bilge had entered the flywheel housing and 'rusted' it to the flywheel.  Just got to replace the injectors, gearbox, water pumps etc now and it should be OK. 

11/05/16 Weds.

OK.......the heatwave continues, top picture is the barometer inside the boat with 3 fans runnning - 38.5oC or 102oF in old money.  The lower picture is the thermometer in the cockpit (out of sunlight) - 44oC....about 112oF.

12/05/16 Thurs.  A little relief from the heat this morning with an early rain shower!  Neil (Shelley) returned from Oz so we had a beer!

14/05/16 Sat.  Went with Bob into town and got a replacement engine battery for his 'dead' stbd engine - both engines now running fine.

18/05/16 Weds.  We went out this evening with Bob, Maree and Juanita for a 'farewell' dinner as they are leaving for Australia tomorrow, we will miss them being next door and hope that all Bob's medical tests come back negative.

21/05/16 Sat.  Ana's 30 day visa is up again tomorrow, so we went down to the ferry terminal this morning and took a trip to Limbang in Sarawak, then a taxi to the Kuala Lurah border of Brunei.  Back in Labuan by 4.30pm - and three fire engines outside the Hotel Labuan tackling a blaze on the ground floor.  The hotel has stood empty for many years and is in a poor state of repair, the fire probably started by kids.

23/05/16 Mon.  There has been a change in the weather over the last couple of days, we have had two big thunderstorms and some strong breezes which have kicked up the sea.  Some of the Brunei lads who came over during the weekend were trapped here, unable to go back because of the sea state.  The boat is snatching at it's mooring ropes all the time, but the upshot is...........it's cooler!

24/05/16 Tues.  Had the bottom of boat scraped and cleaned this morning in readiness for a short trip up the Sungai Klias.

25/05/16 Weds.  Obtained 100 litres of diesel - 20 for the tank and 80 on deck in jerry cans.

26/05/16 Thurs. Washed the boat down during the evening and watched the International Space Station fly directly overhead.

27/05/16 Fri.  Market Day - walked into town during the morning, had breakfast and a haircut, then to the market for veggies.  On returning to the marina, noticed Shelter tied up on A dock........haven't seen them since Cochin, I had a quick chat to them but they are leaving for KK tomorrow with the new owner onboard, so that's another of the Vasco da Gama boats sold!

28/05/16 Sat.  I blew up the dinghy last night and again I am having problems with leaking valves - they were new in Kudat, so they haven't lasted very well.

30/05/16 Mon.  After a couple of days of trying to fix the leaking valve, the stbd tube still goes down in an hour!  The puzzling thing is that each tube has a different valve - so one has been replaced complete at some point (the leaking one?), yet there is no sign of patching around the valve body hole, it is still the original weld!  Anyway, this evening I gave up after having changed the diaphragm several times and trying to remove the complete valve without damaging the tube, so I am looking for another dinghy now.  Anyway, we want to take the boat out and go up the Klias River for a couple of days so I have no time to mess about with it anymore.

31/05/16 Tues.  Did some final shopping this morning and intended to sail at noon in a fresh breeze, but some 'instinct' told me to postpone until tomorrow morning - a couple of hours later, just as we would have been crossing the shallow bar to the river, a squall roared through - 35 knots shown on the wind instrument, so it would have been much more at sea, and a section of 'C' dock broke away from the pilings - hasty activity there with many people trying to secure it again with rope!!  The rain from the squall continued into the night.........

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