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    may 2015


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06/05/15  Very little happening outside of the normal day to day activities.  Bob (Dulce) is back from his Philippine exploring trip, but leaves again tomorrow for dental treatment in Kota Kinabalu.

08/05/15  VE Day.......70 years on!

11/05/15  Great!!.......raining hard and I have to go into town to buy ferry ticket for tomorrow.

12/05/15  Got the 1.30pm ferry to Kota Kinabalu and booked into King Park Hotel for the night.

13/05/15  After breakfast, taxi to the airport and flight to Manila! Arrived there about 1.30pm and found a taxi to take me into Malate and my hotel booking, traffic was horrendous and it took ages to get there!  At least the hotel was clean and comfortable!

27/05/15  Cannot remember the order of events during my stay in bustling Manila!  Had a good two weeks there, met up with old friend Nitin on a few occasions and sank a few beers with him.  My thanks to my friend Anna, who each day after work, took the time to show me around various places, travel on buses, jeepneys, trikes and trains.........and walk miles!  Manila is an interesting place, very different to Labuan......you have to shut your eyes to the many beggars, the displaced families sleeping rough on the street and the constant hassle of 'vendors' trying to sell you fake copies of everything under the sun from the moment you step outside the hotel door.  The traffic is heavy and continual, crossroads do not seem to have any priority - drivers just blaze across with the horn sounding!  As a pedestrian, crossing the road is pot luck!  The job of delivering a boat from Manila to Brunei (and the reason for my trip) turned out to be a non-starter - it was not safe for sea and I was not prepared to risk my life in it!  Today, I was up at 4am, showered and taxi to the airport for my 9am flight back to Terminal 2 of Kota Kinabalu airport.  I thought maybe I would fly from KK back to Labuan, so I got the bus to Terminal 1, found the Malaysian Airline office and got my queue ticket ........I was number 80, they were serving customer number 72.  Twenty minutes later, I'm still number 80, they are still serving number 72......I have just 30 minutes before the last ferry of the day leaves.  OK, decision made, I leave the office and get a taxi to Jesselton Point, buy a ferry ticket and get onboard with just five minutes to spare!  Arrived back in Labuan 3 hours later and made my way back to the boat!  All is well onboard, no problems with Rhumb Do or Crib in my absence!

30/05/15  Settling back into the daily routine of life onboard.......very tame compared to the last couple of weeks!

31/05/15  A bit of a wild night out on the town to end the month!

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