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    march 2019


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04/03/19 Mon.  So.....I think I finally sorted out the Digi broadband problem after many visits to the office in Financial Park.  I am still getting bills from them but have been told by the office to ignore them as it takes a while for their computers to catch up.  Takes a while for their staff to catch up also!!  I have helped Neil strip down his inmast furler motor, found nothing wrong with it but the four solenoids which control it from under the saloon deck were all corroded away - could be the problem!  We went to a motor parts shop and ordered four new ones.  I also think I may have sorted out the problems I have been experiencing uploading this site (fingers crossed).   What I cannot fix is the AIS - NMEA 2000 data is not being passed from the unit to either the plotter or the sailing instruments, but NMEA 0183 data is being passed to the laptop and my iPad via wi-fi.  I have checked and re-checked all connections and wiring before contacting Vesper Marine in New Zealand who told me to check the ohms on the data wires with all power off, as well as the power lead when switched on.  Readings should be 60 ohms and 12 vdc respectively and I am getting 59.5 ohms and 13.5 vdc.  Vesper Marine now say I will have to send the unit back to them for further testing, that's going to be a pain!  We have had a couple of evenings with the other yachties in the Back Yacht Bar.

06/03/19 Weds.  Took all the wiring off the AIS transponder and removed the unit, then took it across town to the DHL office for shipment to NZ.  While the girl there was packing it up, I received another e-mail from Vesper asking me to delay shipment whilst they reviewed some photo's I sent them last night, so I still have the unit here onboard!

08/03/19 Fri.  Rain - the first we've had since the middle of November!

09/03/19 Sat.  Slipped our mooring at 7.30am this morning and sailed across to Muara for Paul's surprise birthday party, anchored off Serasa around 11.30.  At 5.30pm, we all gathered in the lower deck of the yacht club to surprise him when he came back from a trip upriver - a good night was had by us all.

10/03/19  Sun. Hoisted the dinghy back onboard this morning and weighed anchor at 6.45am for the return trip to Labuan, arriving there at 10.30.  The sea was flat calm and very little wind during the crossing.

14/03/19 Thurs.  Since being back in Labuan, I have helped Neil (Shelley) to refit his mainsail after the furler motor repairs - the boat is 60 feet long, so it's a big, heavy sail.  We've been back to DHL today and posted off the package containing my AIS for evaluation and repair.  Ana is busy making dresses for another friend.  I spent all this morning chasing an electrical fault which had rendered all the lights in the fwd. cabin useless and turned out to be a cracked switch on the main panel - not easily removed!  Booked flights for Ana to go home to Manila again for daughter and son graduations.

15/03/19 Fri.  Today I tackled the two non-working reading lights in the saloon, which meant taking down the deckhead panel to trace wiring.  The fault was common to both lights - a broken neutral wire on each lamp (manufacturing fault!)  Soldered two new wires on and now both working again.  Ana still dressmaking!

21/03/19 Thurs.  Been in search of a Racor filter to add in line to the existing CAV fuel filter but only Chinese 'rip-off' models available here.  The fuel lines could be a problem adapting too!  Looks as if I will have to order the Racor from UK and then figure out a way to either change or adapt the fuel lines.

23/03/19 Sat.  We went to Leyden Engineering this morning looking for fuel line adaptors, hose etc., and as I thought - they have them all!  I just need to source a Racor 120AS filter assembly from somewhere now, and that will have to be the UK or US.

26/03/19 Tues.  Happy Birthday to my brother Clive!  Have tried to ring him again without success.  Our friends and neighbours Matt & Karen on Yume left this morning for Brunei, Miri and onwards.  I have finally found a supplier of the Racor 120AS filter in the UK, although it means buying it with the incorrect filter element and changing it myself.

27/03/19 Weds.  Ana left this morning for KK and her flight home to Manila, so I'm on my own for a couple of weeks - fairly soon I will be the only resident in the marina!

28/03/19 Thurs.  My AIS has been repaired (a hardware fault in the N2K module), and is now on it's way back to me.

29/03/19 Fri.  More departures this morning - Garry on Inca II left at 0600, quickly followed by the Dutch flagged Imagine.  Wayne left last night.  All heading north towards the Philippines.  Now there is only me on 'B' dock and Alistair on 'A' dock - it's very quiet!  My AIS is with DHL in Singapore.

30/03/19 Sat. Nothing happening!  My AIS has left the DHL facility in Kota Kinabalu, so we will see how long it takes to get here now.

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