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    march 2016


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06/03/16 Sun.  I am full of a cold and chesty cough - so the whisky, honey, lemon and hot water are taking a nightly bashing!  Weather has been fairly breezy and cooler of late, only one new boat in the marina.....Shangri-la, solo sailed by a French guy.  No progress with the electricity supply on 'A' dock.

07/03/16 Mon.  Woke to drizzle this morning, which soon turned into a downpour lasting 2 hours.

08/03/16 Tues.  A day of minor repairs to various pieces of equipment and caretaking duties on Jessica Lee and Shelley!

09/03/16 Weds.  Three more boats arrived, including friends Alf and Christina on DoBeDo.

10/03/16 Thurs.  Power restored to 'A' dock........three weeks to replace 3 feet of cable?  I shouldn't criticise because it's taken me much longer to trace an electrical fault on my Eberspacher, and I still haven't succeeded, so it still does not work!

13/03/16 Sun.  Into town and bought 20 metres of A/C 3 core cable to replace the shore power line on Shelley, fitted new plugs to each end and power restored onboard.  Also bought loads of cleaning products to give the interior a good going over (mould has taken a hold!)

14/03/16 Mon.  Neil came over and hoisted me up the mast to replace the wind instrument transducer with the new Furuno one bought some while ago.  Four screws hold the transducer bracket on and as usual, ONE screw proved troublesome and finally we abandoned the job because of the heat until tomorrow morning.

15/03/16 Tues.  Up the mast again first thing this morning, and finally persuaded the remaining screw to give up and release the transducer bracket.

16/03/16 Weds.  Back to the top of the mast to remove the bracket and the old cable from inside the mast, running a mouse at the same time so that we could run the new cable down to the deck - all complete before 9.30am when it gets too hot.  The radio news is full of little else apart from comments about the heatwave Malaysia is experiencing right now with daily temps of 38oC.

17/03/16 Thurs.  Top of mast again, marked out position for new bracket and new holes before break for battery charging.  Very little is going right!!.....centre punched the four hole centres, and the centre punch tip broke off in the last hole.  After sorting that out, the holes were drilled at 3mm dia. for 4mm screws but were too tight, so ran a 3.5mm drill through them and tried again.........the tip of the screwdriver broke off!  Up mast again with new screwdriver and this time the screw (new and so called stainless steel) broke in the hole with about 6mm protruding.  I'd had enough by this time and called it a day!

18/03/16 Fri.  I managed to extract the broken screw by gripping and turning slowly with molegrips.  Too hot today to do much more, so we left it until tomorrow.

19/03/16 Sat.  New bracket fitted and Furuno transducer installed and connected by 0930 - and I forgot to take photo of the new one while at the top of the mast!  Dinner with Gille and Amelia onboard Freedom V in the evening.

22/03/16 Tues.  We caught the 9am ferry to Muara - (Ana's visa is due for renewal) and were met by Alison at the ferry terminal and driven back to their house.  We picked up Donald's car and spent the day seeing the sights and the malls.

23/03/16 Weds.  A similar day to yesterday, visiting the tomb of the fifth Sultan and the Maritime Museum, and looking for bits and pieces not available in Labuan.

24/03/16 Thurs.  Visited the yacht club at Serasa, chatted with Regi and Ninet, good to see them again.  So much has changed in the area, reclaimed land in front of the club, the commencement of building a bridge to the island opposite for oil refineries.  Driving around showed many changes also, traffic lights where there were previously none, new flyovers, roundabouts and innumerable speed ramps!  Managed to get hold of 40 metres of nylon dock line to replace my now aging mooring ropes.

25/03/16 Fri.  Many thanks to Alison and Paul for putting us up for the last few days.  We caught the 8am ferry from Muara back to Labuan, had breakfast in town then back to the boat by 11am.  Paul arrived shortly afterwards with the rope I had bought in Gadong.

26/03/16 Sat.  Happy Birthday to my Bro!  Spent today bringing the wind transducer cable through the deck and along the small space between deckhead and lining, to the instrument area.  With Furuno Can Bus system, I now need to lead the cable down under the deck and into the area behind the chart table drawers to the main connection, then back to the instrument area.

27/03/16 Sun.  A day of little activity......although I have loads to do!! I did splice eyes onto the new dock lines while having morning coffee!  Ana is making a quick trip to visit her Gran and left this morning via speedboat to Menumbok and bus to KK.

28/03/16 Mon.  Ana back from KK in the early evening.

29/03/16 Tues.  Exchanged the new for old mooring lines in the morning and spent the rest of the day dismantling channelling to trace old instrument wiring.  Went over to the Financial Park to get more Scotch 'medicine' and found Label 5 - one of my favourite mixing whiskies was reduced to 18 ringgit per litre (about 3) because it had no box.......but each customer was limited to 30 cartons......360 bottles!!!  I only bought ONE bottle - how's that for self control!

31/03/16 Thurs.  After two days of trying to figure out routes for wiring and to fix a NMEA malfunction I am at the point of tearing my hair out........I knew I should have bought those 30 cartons!

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