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August 2011

Marina Entrance:   Approx. 05o 16'.32N   115o 14'.83E

VHF Channel:  69

Telephone:  +60 (087) 418111

The marina isn't very old and is incomplete, but it is already disintegrating.   Like a lot of Malaysian marinas, it was poorly designed and the breakwater does not do it's intended job.   The piles have ten inch spaces between them which allows the wash from fast ferries, or sea swell to enter and causes severe rolling of any boats tied up inside.   Attempts to block the gaps in the piles have failed.

Although the water is fairly clear and I could easily see my keel, rudder and propeller, there is a lot of floating rubbish - plastic bags, bottles, timber and such like.  The aforementioned gaps in the piles act like a strainer, allowing water out yet retaining the rubbish in the marina.

There are a few finger pontoons but they are usually occupied by long term 'residents.'   Visiting boats tie up alongside the curved pontoon which is on the inner side of the breakwater.  There are few cleats!  Most boats tie to loops of rope which are affixed to the pontoon edge.

The office is the red roofed, single storey building to the right of the Waterfront Hotel (which also has a marina.....expensive.....and no yachts at the time of my visit).  The staff speak English and are friendly and helpful.   There is a small cafe, open at lunch time and also a laundry. 

Nearby is a shopping mall with various shops and a 'Giant' supermarket - just leave the marina and walk across the park and you are there.  It's less than five minutes walk.  Town is a 15 minute walk away and has hardware stores, mini-markets and a host of duty-free outlets.  Labuan is a duty free port, so stock up here with alcohol and tobacco.  There are numerous eateries just a street or two back from the front - all serve good food.

The ferry terminal has the usual offices of Immigration and Customs.  The harbour master is in the Marine Department adjacent to the ferry terminal.

You can anchor in Victoria Harbour but the holding is unreliable due to the amount of plastic bags on the sea bed.

Prices for marina berthing  (August 2011): 

Malaysian Ringgit 0.50 per foot LOA per day, plus a standard charge MR2.00 per day for water and electricity.


At the time of my visit, pile driving operations were being undertaken in an attempt to improve the marina.  

It is to close operations on the 1st September 2011 until the construction modifications are completed.  It is not known how long that will be.


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