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    june 2019


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04/06/19 Tues.  This morning I took the last of my antibiotics so we were in town this afternoon to visit the docs again.  He irrigated and cleaned my right ear and I now have sound there again!  The left ear was a different story, the wax is impacted and had not softened enough to remove it without considerable pain - it felt like he was digging in there with a pick-axe and spade!   Anyway, it's back to the warm olive oil for a few days, then go back there on Friday.

08/06/19 Sat.  Yay! I've got a new set of ears!  Visited the doc again yesterday and he stuck a firehose into my left ear blasted out the 72 years of accumulated junk - a few nuts and bolts from my childhood Meccano set, Lord Lucan and a couple of sacks of coal.  So now I can hear flies landing and it sounds like they are all wearing boots!

14/06/19 Fri.  The time has come around for our departure from Malaysia again, checked out with Jabatan Laut, Immigration and Customs this afternoon.

15/06/19 Sat.  Slipped the mooring around 9.30am and made our way towards Brunei.  It was fairly slow going as we had both tide and wind against us, and the boat's bottom is becoming dirty with barnacles and slime.  Anchored in our usual place off the yacht club in Serasa and took the dinghy to Immigration to check in before going ashore for the afternoon.

19/06/19  Weds.  I have been chatting for a few days with buddies Dan and Mary onboard Still Dreaming - not seen them since Mumbai and they are on their way here from Tioman.  They wanted help to locate a new Yamaha outboard.  Today, I got a message from them saying they had been dismasted  - bad news indeed.  They will motor into Kuching (about 100 miles from their present position) and await the insurance assessors.

20/06/19 Thurs.  Happy Birthday to me!!  27 years old today.......well I would be if the numbers were reversed!  Regie, who runs the restaurant in the yacht club shares the same birthday as myself, so does Marlon, the guy behind the bar (with no beer), so we went ashore to the club for a steak dinner.

22/06/19 Sat.  After a week in Muara, it was time to say cheerio and return to Labuan.  We have had 3 rough, windy and wet nights at anchor during this stay, so at least tonight we would be tied up in the marina!  After the dinghy trip to Immigration etc, we stored stuff away before weighing anchor at 12.30pm, catching the top of the tide as we exited the channel.  With 15 knots of wind, we unfurled the genoa and motor sailed at 6 knots to Labuan, tying up on our pontoon at 4.30pm, just before the sky went black and the lightning started!

23/06/19 Sun. Checked in with Immigration at lunchtime.  We will have to do Jabatan Laut tomorrow as they are closed at weekends.  Lazy day today.

30/06/19 Sun.  Nothing much happening here.  One or two boats have been and left, part of the Sail Malaysia Rally which is due in on the 8th July.  Ana has been busy sewing most of the week, awnings, fender socks and mattress covers for other boats - now making dresses again.  Had a few beers with Neil and Craig at the Back Yacht on Wednesday evening.

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