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    june 2015


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05/06/15  Barry's usual Friday trip over from Brunei, and he very kindly dived under my boat and cleaned the hull while I drove into town for him and got the beer!  Had a nice lunch onboard Fourth Dimension.

06/06/15  D-day anniversary.  Getting bored now here in Labuan, time to make some plans to move on elsewhere!

12/06/15  Friday afternoon with Barry, Paul, George, Donald and others from Brunei, in Murphy's Bar, then haircut and a bit of shopping.

13/06/15  Wet season is upon us!  Most nights now produce a thunderstorm and gusts of wind up to about 40 knots.........sometimes we have to stay in the marina bar and wait it out!

14/06/15  Rained all yesterday evening, so had to cancel my intended 'run ashore.' 

19/06/15  Friday........Brunei lads.....Murphy's!

20/06/15  Oh dear........another birthday, where have all the years gone?

21/06/15  Early morning squall came through, wind picked up and rattled the halyards, torrential rain - all gone in an hour and sunny day followed.

25/06/15 The usual Friday routine!

26/06/15  Woken at 5am by the thunder and lightning, heavy rain.  Not going to be good for my 8am speedboat ride to Menumbok and bus to KK!

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