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05/07/017 Weds.  Still no chart download, despite further e-mails, this time to the Europe office, and their site has really screwed up my computer!  I've spent the last three days trying to get it to work properly again, with only marginal success.  I can connect to the internet again but not to my AIS wi-fi.  The whole thing is driving me crazy and I am not best pleased with C-Map or the stupid Go Free Marine site.   Caught rat number four in the trap last night (set on the pontoon)!  Ana went off to Brunei this morning for the day, visa time comes round so quick.  Paul and Merissa left today, having sold their boat, so don't know when we will see them again.

08/07/17 Sat.  The chart saga goes on.  Spent the last few days giving a little advice to Joe, owner of Stargazer (two boats along) who is having difficulty stripping his furler gear which has jammed because of broken strands of forestay.  Still full of a cold and cough!

09/07/17 Sun.  Very hot again, not doing much!  C-Map have been in touch and want me to give them remote control of my laptop........hmmm, not too sure about that.  GoFree have also been in touch and asked me to download a further five (5) files.  Just why is it so damn difficult to download a 700mb file?  If the system does not work, it should not be open to the public until it does!

11/07/17 Tues.  Hopefully, things are happening on the chart front - the helpful lady at C-Map has got the Australian office to message me with a view to posting a SD Card to me, while GoFree Europe office are asking for further details to allow a download.  Took my dinghy to Motorship today to have a patch re-glued, I had previously used a glue from Eric which was clearly not suitable.

13/07/17 Thurs.  Rented a car yesterday afternoon, tried to pick up dinghy but it wasn't ready until this morning - all OK now.  Still no progress on the chart situation, no idea if it's been posted to me so I will have to mail them again and ask.  Very strong winds both last night and tonight, showing 26 knots on the instruments in the marina, and we are protected here.   Sail east rally has been through and is now on it's way to KK - well some are, others are still here or arriving.  My cold has now improved thanks to a little help from Scotland mixed with honey and lemon!

15/07/17 Sat.  Last night there was a bit of a get together for the rally boats but as so few are here, we were all invited to make up the numbers, we went and had a little to eat and a fruit juice!   My chart has been dispatched and is currently in Kuala Lumpur.  It may be time to start looking for another laptop as mine is getting very, very slow and acting strangely since it crashed earlier this month.

17/07/17 Mon.  The weather has been very changeable over the last week or so, periods of strong winds and rain, then sunshine and high temps.  I am looking into the costs of replacing all my running rigging and it's almost as cheap to buy it from UK as it is Singapore........and I get more than I need!  Will have to look further into that.

18/07/17 Tues.  My C-Map chart arrived from Australia this morning and it seems to work OK in the chartplotter.  I think the plotter will take some getting used to after so many years with the Standard Horizon one!  I don't think the B & G one has tidal stations either which will be a real pain, but I need to check more thoroughly.

21/07/17 Fri.  The weather continues to be variable, yesterday was hot and sunny, today grey and cooler with the threat of rain.  We need to get out and go to Brunei for a while but with this unstable weather, I will need to check far in advance.

28/07/17 Fri.  So the laptop gave up several days ago and I have been forced to buy a new one!  Transferring files from one to another is taking days and I am not sure this website will work correctly anymore, if it works at all.  Apologies if you do not get correct displays of pages, I will get around to fixing it eventually!  Have emptied rear cabin and reorganised lockers, throwing away some gear which is no longer needed, moving other stuff into different lockers or cabins.  Still a long way to go with the sorting out of gear!

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