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    july 2016


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03/07/16 Sun.  For weeks we have been bothered by house flies but yesterday and today have been awful, we are plagued by them.  Yesterday, we killed or trapped over two hundred in about an hour and this morning is just as bad - it's driving me nuts!

04/07/16 Mon.  Another day of being driven mad by flies, trapped a couple of hundred more!

05/07/16 Tues.  Went to Motorship to collect my liferaft but it was still inflated!  Come back tomorrow they said.

06/07/16 Weds.  Phoned Motorship to ask about liferaft.....and they said they're shut for Hari Raya until Friday!

07/07/16 Thurs.  I am still worrying about the knocking sound from the shaft and literally do not know what to do about it - such a big problem!  If everything were accessible, then it would be much easier to resolve, but it isn't.

08/07/16 Fri.  Collected my liferaft from Motorship in the morning.

11/07/16 Mon.  With the liferaft in it's cradle, I am now having a cover made for it.  I have collected the rain water catchment piece which zips onto the bimini side and will now have a second one made for the other side - just waiting for the fittings for those to arrive from the UK.

16/07/16 Sat.  A ferry ride to Limbang to renew Ana's 'visa'........it should have been simple, but it wasn't!!  Normal procedure is to take the 0930 ferry to Limbang, then taxi to Kuala Lurah and exit Malaysia, cross no-man's land into Brunei and then return to Limbang for the 1430 ferry back to Labuan.  Ha!....got to Kuala Lurah just before noon, and that's when the trouble started, the immigration there would not let Ana leave Malaysia until they had questioned her - "who told you to come here?  Do you use the same taxi driver each time? Do you have another passport? Are you paying an immigration officer?  Are you working?"  The questions went on and on, repeated over and over and all the while I could see the traffic backing up across no-man's land until it was queuing through the immigration booths on the Malay side and down the road into the distance.   Finally, after four and a half hours, they let her go (no difference because we had missed the last ferry by this time), now the taxi driver goes up the wrong side of the dual carriageway across no-man's land to the Brunei border - no trouble here, Ana is in and out in five mins.  On return to the Malay side, it all starts again!  "Go to the ferry dock in Limbang and they will clear you to travel to Labuan" says the immigration guy.  So, we go there but no such luck, "No, you have to go to the Immigration Office in Limbang, and they are shut until Monday!"  Great, just great!  So now we go to find a hotel, check in and pay by credit card, only to find that my card has, for some unknown reason, been blocked in the UK.  Now beginning to lose it!  Out to the shops and buy toothbrushes, clothes etc, for our unexpected stay in Limbang!

18/07/16  Mon.  OK it's 0800, walk to the ferry and get a taxi to the Immigration Office - which according to directions given by the Immigration Woman at the ferry, is out of town on the right hand side of the road, behind the Public Bank.  In the cab, driver asks "Which hotel you stay?"  We point it out as we pass, and he say's, "Why didn't you walk to Immigration Office?"  It turns out, the office is just round the corner from hotel - it was nearer to walk there than to the taxi rank - and it was on the left of road!  Never ask a woman for directions!!  In the office, we are greeted by a smiling officer who knows what he is talking about, we tell him the story, he scrutinises Ana's passport, shrugs and says he can't see any problem whatsoever, stamps the passport, apologises for any inconvenience caused by the idiots at Kuala Lurah, and we are on our way - except now we have to wait for the 1430 ferry again!

19/07/16 Tues.  Phoned the bank in UK to query the stopped card....they issued another with same expiry date and cancelled the old one - shame they didn't tell me!  So they now sending another one to me which means yet another delay before I can go to Kudat.




21/07/16 Thurs.  Had a go at making wholemeal bread today, and it turned out OK - Ana has already eaten half of it!  




26/07/16 Tues.  About 30 girls in bikini's on the pontoon today.........interesting!

29/07/16 Fri.  Laundry and bread making day.


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