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    july 2015


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13/07/15  Returned from KK with back, hip and leg problems!

14/07/15  OK, cannot sleep because of the constant pain in my right hip and leg.  Me thinks Sciatica!

16/07/15  Still not sleeping more than few minutes each night, no position gives any relief from the pain.  Cannot stand up straight or remaining standing for more than a few seconds......it's driving me crazy!  Fortunately, a couple of nearby mates have supplied me with the basics of food as there is no way that I can go shopping at the moment.

19/07/15  Still unable to walk, or stand for more than a minute.......but it is getting a little more bearable thankfully.  Thanks to Paul, Merissa, Barry, Precious, Peter, Ann and Anna for keeping check on me and bringing food and shopping. Wish I could sleep through the night though!

21/07/15  Day 10 of pain, day 8 of agony!  At least I am managing to get a little sleep during a 24 hour period now.  Needless to say, nothing is getting done on the boat, no washing, no cleaning, ........nothing!!

23/07/15  Not much improvement, still cannot walk anywhere, just hobble from saloon to cockpit.....holding on to every handhold.  Some pain free short periods when sitting in one particular position.  This is tiresome!

25/07/15  After ten days of '10', yesterday was a '9'.   Today it's about a '6'......so things are looking up!  And I actually managed to get off the boat this morning to reset the circuit breaker which tripped in last night's thunderstorm. 

27/07/15  Still hovering on a 6/7 of the scale;  last night was not good, didn't know which way to lie to ease it and finished up playing solitaire from 2am.  Managed to grab an hour of sleep after breakfast.

29/07/15  Little or no change in pain levels and it is really depressing me now.  Most of the day I can sit comfortably, and move from cabin to cockpit with relative ease, but walking anywhere is still impossible.  Last night was the first night that I have slept with any degree of success.  My Celcom internet package has now expired, so I am now without internet until further notice......great, just great!

31/07/15  BLACK TOT DAY.


31st July 1970.......45 years ago, they stopped the 'tot' in the Navy, 300 years of tradition down the pan...... and it's never been the same since!!


A black day indeed.

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