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  july 2013


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08/07/13  Clive drove me over to Leeds to catch my flight to Germany this afternoon.  Flights from Gatwick would have been much cheaper and would also have landed at Cologne (closer to my destination) rather than Dusseldorf but the difficulty in getting to Gatwick, and the timing, made it more feasible to fly from Leeds.  Astrid and her sister Sabine met me at Dusseldorf and drove me back to Manfred's farm in Urbach.

15/07/13  This evening, I flew back to Leeds after having a good week with Astrid, staying at her brother Andreas's house attached to the farm belonging to Manfred and Astrid's sister Annette.  During the last week, I've tried to give moral support to Astrid during her appointments at hospital for blood tests, echocardiographs and chemotherapy treatment.  I also accompanied her in choosing a wig in preparation for the almost inevitable loss of hair as a result of the chemo - a traumatic experience for her.  Despite all that, we did manage to get out and about a bit with Sabine driving us around, visiting Engers to walk along the Rhine for a short distance, and the zoo at Neuwied as well as a music festival in the town.  We also made a visit with Andreas and Jordan, to Krone Circus which was visiting Neuwied.  Apart from supporting Astrid, it was good to catch up with old friends, Annette, Andreas, Sarah and Jordan.  Thank you everyone for your hospitality during my brief stay.  You are doing well Astrid, stay strong and keep it up!!  I will visit again after I've had my op and am fit to travel.  I have added a few photo's here.

16/07/13  Clive, Barbara and I drove up to Penrith today, to stay with Kevin and Jane for a few days.

19/07/13  Returned from the Lake District to Clive's house.

22/07/13  A future King born to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge today at 4.24pm.  He is third in line to the throne behind Prince Charles and Prince William.

26/07/13  An afternoon at the hospital today, for two appointments - an ultrasound scan of my carotid arteries and a breathing capacity test for the anaesthetist to use.  I got into both appointments before the scheduled time, which is amazing considering the chaos in which the NHS now finds itself.  That's all the preparations completed, I now just have to wait for an operation date.




28/07/13  Photo of a brave lady!

After a few days of Astrid's hair falling out in clumps, she decided to take the plunge and get it over with, shaving it all off and going for a new smooth look.  Well done Astrid, all your family and friends are backing you. X





31/07/13  There is a fault on my route maps of which I was unaware!  It seems a large portion of route is missing between Langkawi and Borneo, even though it is logged in Google maps.  I have no idea how to correct this at the moment but will try over the coming weeks.

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