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    january 2019


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01/01/19  Tues.  Happy New Year to everyone! 

Again a very quiet day for us - last night we sat in the cockpit and watched the fireworks all around the bay as Puerto Princesa brought in the new year.

20/01/19  Sun.  Nothing much to report!  The internet (wi-fi) is worse than useless making updates to this webpage very difficult.  We went to immigration again when my visa ran out, and this time it cost over 6000 peso for one month because, they said, it's for an ID card which will be delivered in about six weeks time!  Why do I need an ID card?  I have a passport, a pilots licence, a driving licence and countless other forms of legal identity.  In any case, this expensive ID card will arrive here after my visa has run out again........and I won't be here then!  And why do other yachties pay different rates for each month?  It's all a scam!  I pulled the log from the boat this morning and it was encrusted with barnacles as is the hull and prop - all will need cleaning before departure, and there is no way I'm going in this water, polluted as it is!

30/01/18 Weds.  Started an engine oil change yesterday, ran the engine before pumping out the oil, then (down the side of a hot engine!) removed the oil filter which is not the renewable type, washed that in diesel and refitted it.  Whilst tightening the bolts again, I leaned on the header tank filler cap.......and the neck broke off!  Damn, it happened once before, I think in Kuching and I epoxied it back on again on that occasion so it's lasted several years.  Cleaned the surfaces and epoxied it again.  Ashore in the yacht club at the moment and trying to connect to wi-fi in order to update this site - I have had a few e-mails from concerned friends regarding the lack of updates.  Sorry about that but there has been nothing I could do about it.

31/01/18 Thurs.  I took Ana ashore early this morning for her to get tricycle to the airport, she will be in Manila for a few days to see the new grand daughter.  The last week have brought us strong winds in the anchorage, but today it's still and hot!

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