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    january 2016


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01/01/16 Fri.  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  Drove up to the Bird Park at the 'top' of of the island, then down the coast road to The Peace Park and Surrender Point.

02/01/16 Sat.  Spent a couple of hours in the Botanical Gardens - nice shady walks, peaceful and surprisingly empty of people!

03/01/16 Sun.  We took taxi to ferry terminal today, Ana to catch one to Menumbok for onward bus to KK, and me to go to Brunei to renew my visa - shame really because it runs out on the 5th and I am due to fly to Singapore on the 8th.  Ana will fly to Manila from KK later this month to see her family.

04/01/16 Mon.  A bit of a 'nothing' day, rain most of the morning, then went over to the Financial Park in the afternoon to pay my internet bill and get some credit for phone.  In the evening I discovered the fridge is completely iced up and will need defrost tomorrow and throw away the stuff that will not be used by the 8th.

05/01/16 Tues.  Searching for a wood yard this morning - looking for hardwood to make new back box for instruments (instruments are a different size to old ones!), found a place who may be able to plane and cut some to size for me later.  Printed off flight tickets for the 8th, then defrosted fridge.

08/01/16  Fri.  Early morning start to the airport, flight to Kuala Lumpur and wait a couple of hours, then fly to Singapore.  On arrival, met up with long time friend Pat from the UK and took taxi to our hotel in the city..........then a few days of sight-seeing and trying to locate (without success) our old houses in which we both lived many moons ago.  Visited Kranji War Memorial, Changi Jail Museum, Chinatown, Bugis Street, Clarke Quay, the harbour side and other places.......all done with ease on the MRT and buses!

13/01/16  Weds.   Back to Changi airport for our flight to Bangkok and onward flight to Siem Reap in Cambodia, arriving there late afternoon.  After the modern city of Singapore, this is more like Asia! 

17/01/16  Sun.  After four days of travelling around, seeing the temples of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, the National Museum and Kampong Phluck, it was time to catch another flight to Kuala Lumpur and Labuan......arriving there at 9.30pm.  I enjoyed Cambodia very much, the people are the friendliest that I have met on my travels, always smiling and cheerful - I shall go back again for a longer visit!  Pat checked into the nearby Waterfront Hotel and I returned to the boat where Ana was waiting for me.

18/01/16  Mon.  We all three had a wander around town today, not buying, just looking around.  Had a couple of drinks in the newly opened Kraken Bar in the hotel, then an early night as I could not keep my eyes open!

19/01/16  Tues.  An early start again this morning, Ana leaving for KK and tomorrow's flight back to Manila for a few weeks to see family.  We went down to the ferry terminal and she caught the 9.30 to Menumbok.  I will source flights for myself to Manila over the next few days, and Ana's return flight to Labuan.

21/01/16 Thurs.  Yesterday we (Pat and I) rented a car for a couple of days and took the tourist trail around the island. So yesterday and today, we went to see the Chimney, Peace Park, War Cemetery, Surrender Point and Botanical Gardens.  Evenings are usually in the Kraken Bar & Grill in the grounds of the Waterfront Hotel.

23/01/16  Sat.  Said goodbye to Rene and Lesley aboard Crib at 10am this morning as they sailed for Langkawi and the end of their sailing days.  Sadly(?) at 12 noon, they were back with engine oil pressure problems and will be here a few more days.

24/01/16  Sun.  Not much happening, usually a brew up with Pat in the mornings, then dinner somewhere in the evening.  Rest of the day relaxing, or flight chasing.

26/01/16 Tues.  Still chillin'.  Off to Brunei on the ferry tomorrow.  Rene and Lesley to restart their voyage to Langkawi.

27/01/16 Weds.  Caught the 9.00am ferry to Brunei and were met by Jane at the other end, who drove us to a cafe for breakfast and then to her and Donald's house.  With the kind loan of a car, we then went out to the Regalia Museum and had a browse around there - not the first time I have been to see the Sultan's 'bling' but a first for Pat.  Early evening saw us back at Donald's for dinner.

28/01/16 Thurs.  Today we had a stroll round the nearby mall, then out to the Empire Hotel for coffee and cake with the rich set before going to Gadong for more shops.  Dinner again at Donald's with some other friends.

29/01/16 Fri.  8.30am ferry back to Labuan - many thanks to Jane and Donald for their hospitality.  Arrived back in Labuan at 9.30am (strangely the immigration gave me another 90 days!)  Rene and Lesley were still in the marina with a stern gland problem.

30/01/16 Sat.  A lazy day, did my laundry and said goodbye to Rene and Lesley as they set off for Langkawi once again.  Pat came round for a cuppa late morning and a spot of lunch.

31/01/16 Sun.  Lunch at the Dorset Hotel.


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