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haul out in kudat, november 2012












            Out of the water and on concrete blocks (16/11/12).                                  The remains of a woven plastic bag - reason for severe vibration.











A damp and dismal day for haul out (16/11/12).











Engine removal (19/11/12).











Engine out!  (19/11/12)











The reason I was taking on so much water (the muffler) and why I had to remove the engine and gearbox!











                                            The new muffler!                                                                    Epoxy patches give the hull a 'measles' look.











Two coats of Jotamastic primer applied. (17/12/12)











Brian and Glee onboard Second Winds launch and sail to Miri. (19/12/12)











Giovanni and Mescalito launch and sail for Puerto Princesa. (19/12/12)











                       Looking down into my empty engine bay!                                               And at the very back - the stuffing box refitted (21/12/12)











                                                                                                         Engine going back in (02/01/13)                                                                        











                               Engine going back in (02/01/13)                                                                             Roger (Wings & Strings) guides it in.











                      Astrid busy putting on anti-foul paint (17/01/13)                                                              Ready for launching.











                         Riggers prepare for the lift (21/01/13)                                                                         Jacqui looks on from the deck.











                                                                                                         Going in!   (21/01/13)











                                                                                             Astrid waits to jump back onboard.


















                                                        Rhumb Do back in her natural habitat after more than two months on the hard.

Tired out now!

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