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The pyramids












                          Giza - the Pyramids.










                              Inside one of the burial chambers











































                    Lawrence of Arabia had nothing on us!











                        Mustafa camel











                          Even the Sphinx laid at our feet.











                                            The impressive Sphinx                                                                       Leah, Roger and me (with Sphinx)











                                           The Great Pyramid........                                                           ....................scaled by Jordan and Leah











            Jordan, me, Mohamed, Roger and Leah - Great Pyramid                                                    Jordan, Astrid, Leah and myself

















The oldest boat in the world, used for the funeral of King Cheops, was found dismantled and 'flat packed' in a granite trench covered with 31 stones, each weighing around 13 tons.  It was rebuilt (only one oar was damaged) and put on show at Giza.  It is believed to be 4,600 years old.  Currently a second, smaller boat is under reconstruction on the same site.











                   Leah examines model of King Cheops boat.                                              The real thing, looking forwards from the stern











                            The Captain's "cabin" on the foredeck                                                  The rowing deck - 10 oars, 2 men on each oar.











                   Model of method of roping together the hull..............                                           .............and the plank 'stitching'.














                           Our driver and guide throughout the day - Mohamed Imbaby


                                  Don't touch Leah!!

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