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01/02/16 Mon.  A trip to the bank this morning showed that my debit card, used to withdraw funds from the ATM, expired yesterday!  That's not good news for me!  Arranged to have new one sent out to me, but how long is that going to take?  Had a few beers in the evening with Pat and Lyda in marina cafe.

03/02/16 Weds.  A few beers and some dinner in the marina cafe this evening, with Eddie, Glenda and Henrike (the German lady kidnapped last year and held by Abu Sayyaf rebels for six months).

04/02/16 Thurs.  Up, showered and out by 5.45am, round to the Waterfront Hotel to go with Pat to the airport as the end of her holiday is here.  She left for Kuala Lumpur where she is spending a few days before flying back to Singapore and her homeward flight to Manchester.  It's been great seeing her again after all these years!

06/02/16 Sat.  Some sort of celebration going on - marina office and cafe have been closed for last two days, loud music at nights, street markets nearby........only thing that comes to mind is Federal Territory Day, but that is on the 1st of February and Chinese New Year is the 8th, so who knows?  Paul and Alison invited me over for BBQ this evening and very nice it was too!  Around 9pm we were treated to a brilliant firework display from a nearby car park, the mortar rockets exploding loudly immediately above the boat, giving us a little concern over falling debris, some of which fell in the garden grounds of the Waterfront Hotel and started a fire which spread quickly through the tinder dry undergrowth.  The Fire Brigade were quickly on scene and the fire extinguished......a bit of excitement for the evening!

11/02/16 Thurs.  Nothing much to report!  Pat arrived safely back in the UK, Rene and Lesley onboard Crib continue toward Langkawi.  Marina is practically devoid of liveaboards at the moment and the cafe bar is empty (apart from me!) in the evenings.  I will be flying up to Manila for a few days on Sunday, so today I get my boarding card printed and some cash exchanged.

13/02/16 Sat.  Doing really well for tomorrow's trip to Manila.........rucksack zip is broken and now I've had mail telling me the flight is delayed one hour - means I won't get to hotel until about 10pm after leaving boat at 7am.  Deep joy!

14/02/16 Sun.  Caught the 8am ferry to KK, had some lunch then made my way to the airport - further delays meant the flight didn't take off until some 5 hours after the scheduled time......2am arrival at Manila hotel!

23/02/16 Tues.  Leaving Manila - a manic city!  Traffic congestion is the normal here, diesel fumes are at unbearable levels and one particular journey on a jeepney had to be abandoned because the vehicle was filling with fumes from a broken exhaust pipe and breathing was difficult.  Traffic rules are largely ignored with no priority at crossroads, motorbikes and trikes ignore one-way streets.  Travel on the LRT is akin to a sardine can packaging plant with people crammed in every available space - but at least you don't have to hold on....you cannot fall anywhere!  Ana and I were at the airport in good time......especially as the flight was once more delayed!  Landing in Kuala Lumpur, we then caught the shuttle bus to Subang airport and from there a taxi to our hotel.

24/02/16  Weds.  A repeat of last nights journey via taxi and shuttle bus, back to KLIA2 airport and our flight to Labaun - yep.........delayed again!  Arrived in Labuan around 7.30pm to find there was no power on 'A' dock and hadn't been for the last week.

25/02/16 Thurs.  In the office chasing repairs to the electricity supply - a job which has been repeated for months now.

27/02/16  Sat.  Unable to stand the heat in the boat with no fans any longer, I moved the boat to 'B' dock (which does have power), until such time as they carry out repairs to the electricity supply.  The office tell me it will be on Monday..........but they didn't say which Monday!

28/02/16 Sun.  Repairing shredded lazy jack lines onboard my mate Bob's boat Dulce, while he is away in Australia.

29/02/16 Mon.  An extra day!  The electricity supply on 'A' dock remains untouched. (What a surprise!)

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