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    december 2015


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01/12/15  Happy Birthday Ann!  Unable to travel, I extended the hotel stay by a day and remained in bed - not eating or drinking much because nothing stays inside me.

03/12/15  Stay extended again until Sunday the 6th., beginning to feel a little better and have antibiotics now but no point in tempting fate by getting on buses or ferries.

06/12/15  With the 2 day stay now at 8 days, we got the 8am ferry from Jesselton Point back to Labuan, arriving lunchtime.  Feeling back to normal now thank goodness!

07/12/15  Shopping day, restock on food items.  Paul and Merissa are back from JB, Neil from Oz and Lyda from Oz, so we had a chat with each to catch up a little.  Ordered new instruments from Defender in the USA - now wait for delivery before the big job of fitting and running cables, a lift out will very likely be needed in order to fit new transducer sleeves into the hull.




08/12/15  Ana and I went out with Amelia and Gilles to The Red Onion for dinner during the evening.




11/12/15  Lyda, Ana and I were invited to John's house for dinner, so spent an enjoyable couple of hours there chatting on the balcony (15 floors up!)

12/12/15  I have neighbours again!  Rene and Lesley returned to the boat (Crib) from their extended stay in France - nice to see them again.

13/12/15  My parcel of new instruments made the usual rapid journey from the USA to Germany, China and Malaysia......and has now been languishing in Kuala Lumpur facilities for the last two days - nothing new there then!

14/12/15  Terrific thunderstorm overnight last night, very heavy rain and loud cracks of thunder with almost constant lightning.

15/12/15  Electricity supply went off in marina at about 8pm last night.......for 20 hours!  Back on this afternoon, so should get a reasonable nights sleep and not be in a sauna for the night!

16/12/15  Ana caught ferry to Menumbok and bus to KK this morning to renew her visa there.  Tracking app for my parcel showed it to still be in KL, yet at 8pm tonight it suddenly showed it as delivered at 9.15 this morning!!  Oh well, have to collect it in the morning now!





17/12/15  All power off again from 10pm last night until 8am this morning - reason unknown.  Again the power went off at 5pm this evening after a whole day of rain without respite.  Did manage to collect my parcel from the office, even if I did get a little wet in the process!





18/12/15  Still no power this morning, Paul and I went up to the office to complain yet again and insisted on them getting an electrician in to sort out the problem.  A contract electrician was brought from the building site on the other side of the island but employment differences prevented him from doing much apart from what Paul and I had already been doing.  Four hours later an electrician was flown in from Miri and although the power is now on (1.30pm), no remedial work has been done so it will probably trip out again!!  Opened my parcel and it is now seven smaller parcels!

20/12/15  Rain, rain and more rain, the fall out from a recent typhoon in the Philippines which very unusually turned south after passing through the central region of the Phillies and passed close to the western side of Labuan.  This evening, a thunderstorm produced a lightning strike which was very close to the boat and cut my power (and only mine), and on resetting the breaker I noticed the galvanic isolator was no longer working, so that will have to be investigated tomorrow.

22/12/15  Two days of investigating the electrics of the galvanic isolator turned up one blown fuse but even when replaced, the isolator refuses to work.  I can only imagine that the strike, which was only a few metres from the stern of the boat, sent a power surge "the wrong way" through my earth system, blowing the electronics before reaching the fuse protected power 'in'.  Although very annoying, the upside is that little else seems to have been affected.

23/12/15  Another problem!!  This afternoon, I discovered the water tank was emptying far too quickly than it should - investigation showed the bilges full of water and lapping under the engine sump.  This is all I need at Christmas time........why does everything go wrong at this time of year??  Christmas Eve will be spent disconnecting the batteries and removing them to get to the hatch underneath them so that I can access the tank.  The tank is a flexible one, and the possibilities are a leaking filler inlet connection, or a split tank!

24/12/15  Spent the day taking out batteries and the water tank while Ana went to the market for meat and veggies for tomorrow.  It is the filler connection that is leaking, the fabric of the tank coming away from the inlet fitting and leaving a small tear in the vinyl material.

25/12/15  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!   I spent the morning making a temporary repair to the water tank (new tank needed).  In the afternoon, we cooked a nice full roast dinner and watched films.

26/12/15  Replaced the water tank and partially filled it, the repair is holding but I am no longer confident with it and will look into finding a replacement in the near future.  Lesley from Crib was admitted to hospital in the early hours of this morning, she has been unwell since returning to the boat two weeks ago and is now "under observation" in a ward, I sympathise.....memories of Boxing Day of 2012!

29/12/15  Lesley out of hospital, still not completely well.

31/12/15  Rented a car for a couple of days and did some of the distant shops for parts.  Ana and I joined Lesley, Rene, Anna, Craig and Lyda for New Year's Eve meal in the Waterfront Hotel - very quiet at midnight, no fireworks, just a few flares and ships in the harbour sounding sirens.

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