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christmas in marmaris - 2007










22/12/07 - Diver recovers Roger's bike from marina.
23/12/07 - Leah ready for Christmas.










23/12/07 - Kathy, Rob on the right (Twixter)



23/12/07 - Roger (Storm Dodger)








23/12/07 - Leah, worn out!



24/12/07 - Jamie (Storm Dodger), the morning after party on Twixter!!









25/12/07 - A sunny start to the day.
25/12/07 - Jamie and Sarah (Storm Dodger)










25/12/07 - Kevin (Nisroc) & little Yuval (Bon Bon)


25/12/07 - Karen (Nisroc)
25/12/07 - Leah & Caitriona dressed for dinner!










25/12/07 - Leah (Storm Dodger)










25/12/07 - Roger....and me!




25/12/07 - Sarah and Roger





25/12/07 - Caitriona (Nisroc)



25/12/07 - that chap from Rhumb Do!




















New Year's Eve - Astrid (Storm Dodger)
31/12/07 - Caitriona & mummy Karen (Nisroc)











New Year's Eve, Portofino Restaurant ......Elvis is alive and lives in Turkey!










New Year's Eve......Elvis in disguise!











31/12/07 - Aiden, Caitriona and Leah
31/12/07 - Gina (Impulse)









31/12/07 - Karen (Nisroc) and Osnat (Bon Bon)










New Year's Day line up of nutcases ready for a swim!










New Year's Day inter-pontoon tug-of-war


31/12/07 - Kev (Nisroc) and myself










New Year's Day tug-of-war, - and the ladies cheating team win easily










26/12/07 about 2am....Roger - after Jamie & Sarah had been to work!
and later, Roger chatted with someone on the pontoon....unaware of his new 'make-up'

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