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    august 2017


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01/08/17 Tues.  Into town to the harbour master, immigration and customs for check out, then the rest of the day getting extra shopping, tidying the boat and getting the dinghy onboard.

02/08/17 Weds.  After a leisurely breakfast we slipped the lines and made out to sea.  For some unknown reason the chartplotter is now refusing to show AIS targets despite my attempts to rectify the problem.  It was all working fine when installed in the first week of May so I will have to investigate that further.  The wheelpilot behaved very well with the new drive ring and we motored across Brunei Bay at 5+ knots until the wind picked up closer in to Muara and we were able to unfurl the genoa and pick up some more speed.  Because of the late start from Labuan, it was 3pm before we dropped anchor off Serasa Yacht Club, so we left checking in until tomorrow.

03/08/17 Thurs. Inflated the dingy and went to Immigration.  Surprisingly, all went without hitch and we were in and out in ten minutes - very unusual here!  They still want copies of everything and don't understand why we didn't call in at a print shop on the way over to photocopy everything! The dinghy has developed a leak in the airdeck so I had to repair that with contact adhesive - the only glue I have.  It will have to be repaired properly later.

04/08/17 Fri.  Took down the instrument backing and the deckhead in an attempt to find the fault with chartplotter not showing AIS targets.  All wiring and connections were OK but by accident I found out that if the switch on routine was altered, everything works as it should, which is very odd.  My usual routine is to switch on the instruments, then the plotter, then the AIS.  If I turn on the plotter first, then the AIS and lastly the instruments, all works properly.  I don't understand that!

05/08/17 Sat.  Had a day in the clubhouse, did our laundry and chatted with Ninet and Precious.

06/08/17 Sun.  A day of rest, just watching the new bridge being built.

08/08/17 Tues.  Decided to go to Supasave for some shopping - not a quick task without a car!  We walked from the yacht club to the ferry terminal before getting a lift into Muara, a distance of several miles in high temperatures!  Then we caught the number 38 bus to Bandar, then the 55 to Gadong.  After shopping, the whole process was repeated in reverse.......except we caught the 33 from Muara to the yacht club for the final stage.

12/08/17 Sat.  After ten days at anchor off Serasa Beach and the Yacht Club, mostly watching the bridge being built, it was time to move.  As soon as the tide started to ebb, we took the dinghy down to immigration and started the frustrating check-out procedure.  I had forgotten just how awkward they could be there!  After over an hour, we had our clearance and went back to the boat.  With a thunderstorm looming, we weighed anchor and made out to sea on the still falling tide.  Once out of the channel, we hoisted the genoa and motor sailed at 6 knots to Labuan, arriving there and tying up at 7pm, just in front of the rain!

13/08/17 Sun. Rained all night, clearing up around 10am.  We walked into town to check in with immigration (no problems here!) but were unable to check in with Jabatan Laut (harbour master) as they were closed.  Rained again during the evening.  Finally, after much head scratching and frustration, I am able to update this website with the new laptop - apologies if some pages are not showing as they should, I will try to correct them as I find them.

14/08/17 Mon. Today it's the turn of internet to play up!  For some obscure reason, I received a message that I had reached my quota for the month which I questioned with the help line.  Unfortunately, I could not really understand what the guy was saying, nor do I understand why I should have reached my quota which is 33% more than my previous plan..........and we have been away for 10 days of the month with no internet connection!  The previous plan never reached it's limits and I have not changed the amount of any downloads or my browsing habits.  I will make further enquiries in the shop and await the monthly renewal at the end of day tomorrow.

16/08/17 Weds.  My monthly internet quota has been re-started and yesterdays visit to the shop provided no real answers as to why last month's only lasted 20 days.  I will have to monitor this month and see just how fast it is getting used!  Heavy rain continues each day, with strong winds.

21/08/17 Mon.  With improved weather, we decided to clean and re-waterproof the sprayhood and bimini top today.  Watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones in the evening!

25/08/17 Fri.  So we've topped up the diesel tank and refilled the jerry cans, filled up with petrol for the outboard, had the dinghy floor repaired, sold a bike which was taking up too much deck space on the stern and bought another (which folds) to replace it.

27/08/17 Sun.  I've reached the 4000 day mark!







31/08/17 Thurs.  The last day of August and Happy Merdeka Day to my Malaysian friends.  This is the celebration of independence (1957) for Malaysia, the streets are decked with flags and markets and food stalls have sprung up along the roadsides.

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