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    august 2015


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02/08/15  Happy Anniversary to my bro and wife!

03/08/15  After over 3 weeks of pain, I managed to get off the boat this morning and limp down the pontoon to Alistair's car.  He drove me to Doc's in town.  Doc only really told me what I already knew......Sciatica and how it is caused etc, the treatment available and so on.  Anyway, he prescribed some painkillers and some anti-inflammatory capsules and I will try them over next 5 days.  After that, it's either goodbye pain, or a CT scan here in Labuan, or a more detailed MRI scan in KK.

05/08/15  We are getting heavy rain most nights, and last night was no exception - it poured all night long, gusting winds, halliards banging, boat rocking, little sleep!  Add the scale 5 pain to that and I am not a happy bunny!  It's 6am now and normally full daylight.....but it's still very dark, and still crap weather!

06/08/15  Seventy years ago today, Hiroshima was bombed out of existence.  Has the World learned anything since?

08/08/15  This morning I managed a painful walk to the Financial Centre and back, but at least I did it!  I bought a new router for Digi wifi, because I'm sick of Celcom now and their ineptitude, so let's see what the new connection can do!  Bill from Viajero accompanied me on my expedition, to make sure I got there and back.

11/08/15  Level of pain is going down slowly each morning, much to my relief!  This evening I went up to the cafe for a beer, meal and chat - first time in over six weeks!

18/08/15  Yesterday, I made my first 'unaccompanied' trip to Financial Park for a few essential food items and to get money from the hole-in-the-wall, it took me a while to get there and back as the leg pain has still not gone completely.......and I paid for it during the night, getting maybe just one hour of sleep the whole night.

24/08/15  Lost track now of the number of days I've had this wretched pain but it has lessened and is now tolerable.  I made my first evening trip into town last night (by taxi) since the end of June, sat with Phil, Klaus and Nannette in Murphy's Bar to watch the Belgian Grand Prix.

26/08/15  So tomorrow I was intending to go with Alistair on the car ferry to Menumbok, then drive up to KK for a few days, possibly to Kudat also, but.........overlooked one small thing - it's Hari Merdeka on Monday, so all the ferries are fully booked!!  Oh well, back to the drawing board.  Did a little shopping in the Financial Park area and pain now very much less than of late - so glad!

29/08/15  I have had a few worries lately about the waste water pump which empties the shower tray, it was/is making some unfamiliar noises and is in my mind, taking longer to empty than previously.  Today I had a look at it and it seems to operate fine, but I cannot see the model number (with a view to getting a new one) without removing it from the locker.  That involves emptying the locker completely and taking doors and frame off to allow access - not a job I relish!  I believe there are only two types of this pump and each has a different body shape, so at least I can source one online now and possibly order from UK.  Update: I have the pump model number now (torch and mirror) and they are still available.......in Tennessee??  Forgive my ignorance, but I was sure that Nashville was some distance from the sea!

31/08/15  Refined my internet search for a replacement pump now, and there is a newer model available.  Visually, the only differences are a cover for the drive con-rod and four mounting points rather than three.  However, the new pump has a flow rate of 3 gall per minute and draws 8 amps whereas the old model has flow rate of 4.5 gall per minute and consumes 7 amps!  With roughly a 30 difference in price thrown in, I will order the 'old' version!  Still has to come from the USA though!


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