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    april 2015


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01/04/15  I went over to Dave's boat this morning to say Cheerio to him and Aimee as they left at 8am for the Klias River and onwards north to the Philippines.  Today marks the end of Labuan Public Marina - it has now become a privately owned enterprise and from today will, (of course), cost a lot more!  The same owners run Miri Marina which is further down the coast of Borneo.

04/04/15  Barry on New World left this morning on his way to Langkawi until November.  Not a lot has been happening onboard Rhumb Do, I have been down in the dumps for a couple of weeks, still have so much to do and the boat is looking a mess with gear all over the place - so depressing!  Couple all that with my position in the marina, on the end of a pontoon where no-one passes so I don't see anyone from one day to the next, and it all gets a bit too much.  Anyway, today, I got my finger out and put a load of stuff away, dumped some no longer needed bits, had a shower and went into town for a beer or two in the evening, feeling better now! 

10/04/15  Enough of work and boats, I've pushed it all to the back of my mind and am having a blast meeting new people and having fun for a while - the work can wait.

17/04/15  Friends Rene and Lesley are back on Crib next door, so we're back to coffee mornings!

18/04/15  Went with Alistair to collect his 'other' car from the garage as he cannot drive two cars at the same time......don't know why?  Drove one back across the island for him.

19/04/15 Thunderstorm this morning........cooling rain!  During the evening another came through and all electric on pontoon went off about 6.30pm.

20/04/15  9.00am and still no power back on!

21/04/15  Still no power, may have to move from Dock A to Dock B - longer walk still!



23/04/15  St George's Flag at the mast!  Late afternoon, the power was restored.....I can have fans on again!




26/04/15  Went with Rene and Lesley to the Dorsett Hotel for lunch - a farewell meal really as they are suspending sailing for a while and returning to Europe until November.

28/04/15  Drove Rene and Lesley to the airport this morning, using Alistair's car.

29/04/15  Night out on the town!  Had a few laughs with friends and returned to the boat in the wee small hours.

30/04/15  A relaxed day, very hot and catching up on a little sleep after last night's revelry.  Dinner in the marina cafe, then got soaked returning to the boat in a downpour.


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