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A super yacht built in Thailand?

The hull was a neglected affair in China until new owner Chris Lenz' bought her as a mammoth project.  She was piggy-backed onboard a freighter from Yantai Raffles Shipyard, China to Lamut, Malaysia, then towed the last 200 miles by a 47 foot yacht, to Pithak Shipyard and Services in  Chebilang, Satun, Thailand.  Here she would be completely re-welded (it's an aluminium hull) and fitted out to the highest standards.  Everyone said that you couldn't build a super yacht in Thailand, hence the project team's t-shirt logo.......YES WE CAN.





















                       The team photograph - Launch minus three days.                     And the photo turned into the stage backdrop for the pre-launch party.


Below are some photo's from the pre-launch party.











                                     Ann and Lou of Serannity                                                                                          Cindy (r) and friend.











 Doug of Helly                                                                                              Doug and Jocelyn (Sonic)











 Girly fun.                                                                                                         Ann and Lou relax. 











Jocelyn and Tom of Sonic











 Me and mad Tom.                                                                                          Me and not so mad Jocelyn.











  Pat and Tony of Full Flight.                                                                                   Kathy and Peter of Leto.











Me and Silver Lining's owner, Chris (and son).                                                  Chris's wife Vicky (and son) and me.











 Me with Joe - Silver Lining's Skipper.                                                                       Chris and Ning boogie on down.
















Ning.                                                                                                                                 Vicky.

Even one of the yard dogs attended!











Silver Lining at anchor in the lagoon on the morning after launching.


From Chebilang, Silver Lining will go to Langkawi to have her mast and rigging fitted before going north to Phuket for the remainder of her fit out.

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