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Marmaris Yacht Marina is situated at Kalanci Boğaz, by the small village of Atakoy on the south side of Marmaris Bay.  It's a large, well appointed marina with room for approx. 800 vessels afloat and 1000 on the hard.   The holiday resort of Marmaris is 8km away by road and can be accessed by ferry, taxi or dolmuş - or you can cycle/walk if you are of a keep-fit nature! 


  • Electrical, mechanical, woodwork and stainless steel workshops

  • Chandlery

  • Convenience Store

  • Shops specialising in radar, instrumentation, water-makers, SSB etc.

  • Laundry

  • Bar

  • Restaurant

  • Staff Canteen

  • Swimming Pool/Jacuzzi/Sauna

  • Gym/fitness centre

  • Library

  • Wi-fi internet connection

  • ATM

  • Hairdresser

  • First aid room, (Nurse on site, Doctor visits daily)

  • Shower and toilet blocks

  • Kids club and playground

  • Two travel hoists (Max. 330T)

  • Fuelling pontoon (non-operational in 2007/8)

VHF 72 is the marina working channel.  Call on approach and the office will send a joker boat to direct and assist you in berthing.  They also like you to call when leaving, again they will send the joker boat to assist - thereby avoiding any mishaps with adjacent boats!

Berthing Fees obviously change from time to time so there is little point in listing them here.  Contracts are available on a daily, monthly, six monthly and annual basis.  Haul out is included in the yearly version.

Water and Electric.   Points on each pontoon and dotted around the hard.  Meters will be read when you arrive, as unfortunately you have to pay separately for both before leaving.

Chandlery on site and fairly well stocked for your lift out requirements but somewhat lacking in many other items.  There are however, many more swindleries in town.

Convenience Store.  Called a 'supermarket' but not in the sense of Tesco's etc.  Has basic requirements, but for major shops you are better off going into town, to either Tansaş or Kipa supermarkets.

ATM.   About 10 metres to the left of the main security gate.

Shower and toilet blocks are situated around the marina.  They are all modern and cleaned regularly throughout the day.  Ask your neighbour for the location of your nearest one.

VHF 69 is generally monitored by all in the marina and it's the channel to use when calling friends.  Once you've made contact, switch to another channel to hold your conversation, avoiding Channels 06 (Netsel Marina working channel) and 72 (Yacht Marine working channel).  If you remain on channel 69, the whole of Marmaris Bay will hear your conversation! 

Social activities and other events and  are organised during the winter months for the liveaboard community.  Listen to channel 69 for details.

Fuel.   Although the fuel dock is 'without fuel' for some political reason, it can be obtained via tanker, just add your name and amount required, to the list in the marina reception and as soon as enough is required, a tanker will be despatched.  You can then fill your jerry cans from the tanker.  Alternatively, Netsel Marina in town has a fuel dock.

Gas bottles.   The convenience store has some bottles, or if your type isn't there you can get most from 'Gas Street' in town.

Wi-fi is free!  In addition, there are also a couple of computers in reception, connected to printers etc.  Yasin is the I.T. man, and can be found in his office, on the right between the reception and the main office.  There is also an intranet down-loadable DVD library, with no charge (we like free!!) should you wish to download films to your laptop.  Ask Yasin for details.  (Update.......Yasin left marina employment March 2009, replaced by a new guy)

Laundry.  This is situated about 50 metres to the left of the security gate and staffed by local girls.  Drop your laundry there in the mornings, collect a ticket which you then need to take to reception in the main building - pay the girl there and keep your stub ticket which you will need to collect your finished laundry that afternoon or the following day.  There are also a couple of 'self service' machines for which you will need tokens, again from reception.  On the side of the laundry building is a large hand wash sink.

Library.  Situated above the bar and contains a good selection of books and magazines in various languages.  There are also two pool tables in the same room.

Staff canteen.  This is also available for use by yotties.  The lunch and dinner menus change daily and are posted in the window of reception.  It's self service, just pay the guy at the desk and grab a tray.  It's a cheap meal if you don't fancy cooking onboard or eating in the restaurant.  The food is sometimes good, sometimes a little 'Turkish!'.

Repairs.  There are workshops within the marina who will carry out all sorts of work and many more in Marmaris itself.  Ask around, listen to the 'net' or take a look through the yellow folder in reception, in which yotties give their opinions, good and bad, about local contractors.

News.  A daily (Monday to Saturday) 'net' is broadcast at 9am on VHF channel 69 which details such things as emergency medical/dental requests, marina safety issues, hi's and goodbye's (arrivals and departures), social events, airport taxi sharing, services and information required, articles wanted or for sale.  It's a good place to hear about all what's going on within the Marmaris Bay area.  (Netsel marina in town also take part in the net)

Marina website:   www.yachtmarin.com

Want to go into town?

There is a free ferry service to Marmaris Town, which leaves from the root of 'Hotel' pontoon (to the right of the travel hoist).  It runs a return trip, twice daily.  In summer it leaves the marina at 0840 and 1700 and in winter at 0815 and 1630.  For return times, add 20 minutes respectively.  Maximum number of passengers is 34 on a 'first come, first served' basis - so be there early!  You are not normally permitted to take luggage or large boat parts onboard.  .Taxi's are available from the small office to the left of the security gate, but it's an expensive ride.  Far better to get the dolmuş (a small mini-bus) from the stop opposite the gate, which will drop you in the town centre, right by Tansaş supermarket.  Timetables change according to the season and demand but generally the service runs hourly in Winter, half hourly in Spring and Autumn and every 20mins in Summer.  Current timetables are posted in the marina office window, on the dolmuş stop and inside each dolmuş.   Alternatively, click DOLMUŞ TIMETABLE  As with the ferry, you are not permitted to take luggage on the dolmuş (in theory!)  Neither are you allowed to board with fuel or gas - so if you buy gas in town, make sure it's concealed in a rucksack or similar before boarding.




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