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  march 2013


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07/03/13  In the first week of this month......a visit to the Doctor's Surgery to be told that whatever my kidneys were doing wrong has cleared itself and could have been due to either de-hydration or diet change.  A visit to the cardiac unit of the hospital for them to take another armful of blood, do diabetes checks, carry out another ECG, and take swabs from all sorts of places to check for MRSA bugs prior to my imminent admission for an angiogram.

12/03/13  An early start this morning as I had to be in the hospital by 0800 for my angiogram.  Unlike my previous experience in 1994, they didn't go in through the femoral artery this time but took the radial approach through my wrist instead.  Nonetheless, it still takes all day and the results were inconclusive.....i.e. they need yet more evidence before making a decision on what to do.  So - another visit there is required, this time for a heart stress test.  I have to wait for that appointment to be made.


13/03/13  Kevin, Jane and the dogs visited today and we all went out to the pub for lunch!


Sunset on the seafront this evening.







14/03/13  The bandage on my wrist, covering the entry point for my angiogram had to be taken off this morning.  I didn't realise it was an adhesive bandage until I tried to take it off and it was strong adhesive. Yeah, right............I made a few comments about that and I now have a bald wrist!!  Brazilian's - you can keep 'em!!




17/03/13  I should perhaps clarify the statement I made on the 12th about the results being inconclusive.  The test showed what was expected, blockages in the arteries and disease in three of the heart chambers - a progressive symptom from my previous heart problems of 1994.  What the cardiologist needs to know now, is the level of reduction on the blood flow through the heart before deciding on the appropriate course of action, hence the aforementioned stress test. 

21/03/13  7pm in Kudat and it's 30oC.   11am here and it's freezing!  Grrrrrr!!

26/03/13  Happy Birthday to my Bro Clive!  The weather here isn't getting any warmer and the last few days have seen many parts of England, Scotland and Wales under several feet of snow with families in remote locations trapped in their homes and the farmers struggling with livestock.  Gas reserves for heating are at an all time low due to this prolonged cold weather.  Astrid, Leah and Jordan from Storm Dodger have come back to London for a while, mainly for schooling purposes and so they too are enjoying the change of climate!

30/03/13  Ann drove up from Kent to see me for a day or two....good to catch up with all the news!

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