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  march 2012


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02/03/12  Stephane and Carina of Solong arrived in the anchorage a day or so ago and this morning we went over for coffee and a longer chat than the earlier brief 'hello' to them.

12/03/12  Not much has been happening except for the normal day to day events.  I've helped Peter onboard Catspaw with a mainsail problem and today we moved Andy's boat onto a shallower mooring so that Roger can have his deeper mooring for the next few weeks while he flies back to the UK to sort out domestic issues.  This afternoon, Rolf and Eva sailed into the anchorage onboard Present, though I haven't had the opportunity to talk to them yet.

17/03/12  It's getting kinda lonely around here!  Over the last few days Roger has left for the UK, Lorna has left for Manilla, Stefan has left for Germany, Barry has gone off to Manilla also, Rolf and Eva have sailed, so has Stefane and Carina and soon Ranald is going up the Klias river for a few days.  There will be hardly anyone left in the yacht club that we know!

19/03/12  This morning I saw what I initially thought was a speedboat coming straight for me, then realised it was a small waterspout.  I hurriedly took in my washing and had a quick look around to see if anything else was loose on deck.  It passed about 20 metres ahead of my bow but the powerboat anchored adjacent to me had it's anchor chain rattled and the sun awning billowed out alarmingly.  So we had a baby twister!

26/03/12  Happy Birthday to my big Bro!    Last night was my 200th consecutive night at anchor - no marinas, no night sails!  Boats are coming and going, Stephane and Carina onboard Solong came in for a few nights and have gone again, others are doing the same thing.....mostly heading southward toward Miri and Singapore.  Ex-pats are coming back again after the school holidays so the club is getting busy again.

28/03/12  Last night was a bit hectic in the bay.  Around 1am, the wind picked up to 30 knots plus from the south and kicked up a metre sea across the bay which in turn made the boat bounce around somewhat.  I was on deck by 2am putting a safety line on the anchor chain just in case the snubber came off, then called Storm Dodger on VHF to ensure they were OK, which they were.......just unable to sleep!!

29/03/12  How do flip-flops shrink?  I know, it's impossible........yet mine have!  The other night I gave Ranald a lift back to his boat (Tarali) and had a couple of beers with him.  On leaving his boat, I couldn't find my flip-flops (my comfortable and favourite 'Crocs') in the dark and told him I would get them tomorrow, but when I did.....they had shrunk about 4 sizes and I now can't get them on.  And when I do, they are too tight and my heels overhang the backs by about 2 inches.  Before you wonder about my sanity, yes...they are my flip-flops and not his, so how did they shrink in the dark???

30/03/12  Borrowed Barry's Landcruiser again today and took Leah to the airport for her flight to Kota Kinabalu where she is spending a couple of weeks with Pete, Donna, PJ and Heidi onboard Orono.  Afterward, Astrid and I did a bit of shopping before having dinner in the Yacht Club.

31/03/12  A very pleasant surprise this afternoon when I went ashore and saw Armin and Monica (from Slammat) sitting on the beach!  They had been to New Zealand and were on their way back by air to the boat in The Philippines, and had a night stop-over here in Brunei.  Fortunately, there was an arranged 'do' on in the club - an '80's night of music and dancing, so they were able to attend that with the ex-pats and us.  It was great to see them again.  A couple of photo's on the Brunei page here


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