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  june 2013


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 03/06/13  It's sixty years to the day since I last tasted trifle........at the Queen's Coronation street party.  I didn't like it then and I still don't like it today!!   The hospital phoned me this morning, telling me they had a cancellation for tomorrow and would I like to take it.  The appointee had probably died while waiting his or her turn!

04/06/13  At the hospital by 1pm for my 'stress echo' test.  If you haven't had one, then this is as close as you want to get!  Although it doesn't hurt, it's not the most pleasant of experiences.  When I last had one of these, it involved a treadmill, but I'm told they seldom use that method anymore.  So, sign consent papers in case I snuff it, strip to the waist, take shoes off and lie on bed, chest wired up to ECG machine, blood pressure sleeve on right arm, cannula inserted into left arm while gel smeared over heart area and 'echo' photo's taken.  Then about a half dozen shots of some drug or other fed into the cannula making my heart rate increase more and more as if I were running.  By the time the last one went in and the final photo's were taken, my heart felt like it was trying to escape from my chest and I could feel veins throbbing in my throat and temples, but no shortage of breath - a very odd feeling!  Now the results of this test have to be analysed by the consultant surgeon but the doctor present was under the impression that the consultant will lean towards a by-pass operation based on this test.  Not really what I wanted to hear, but what can I do?

14/06/13  It looks like the cardiologist is favouring a triple by-pass operation and I have an appointment for assessment on the 25th of this month.

25/06/13  Today I've had my meeting with the consultant cardiologist, a Mr Walker, and he has confirmed that the best course of action is a triple by-pass operation.  The hospital are apparently obliged to perform the operation within a period of 18 weeks from the date they arranged today's appointment.  So now I wait again!

26/06/13  My close friend Astrid, who gave me so much help during my troubles on the voyage from Labuan to Kudat and again following my heart problems while in the shipyard there, is now having major health problems herself.  For personal reasons, she returned home to Germany in March, where she was sadly diagnosed with cancer and has undergone two operations since that time.  She is now having chemotherapy treatment before further operations.  I shall be leaving my brother's and travelling over to Germany to see her very shortly, to give moral support. 

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