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  February 2013


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 01/02/13  A surprise telephone call from the Doctor's surgery this morning asking me to return at 3pm for more blood tests because the doctor was questioning some sort of kidney function.  A kidney problem is not exactly what I need right now!  On the way back from the surgery, Clive and I visited St. Oswald's Church to see Mum's memorial stone.

03/02/13  A phone call from the surgery asking me to return for another blood test on the 6th.

05/02/13  Yet another call from the surgery making arrangements for more blood tests on the 19th of the month.  Snow is sweeping across the north of England again - although we haven't any here, it's very cold!

06/02/13  Went for my blood tests and an ECG at the medical centre.

07/02/13  Happy Birthday Roger!

10/02/13  The weather continues to be cold, damp and dismal.  A day or so ago, Clive and I went for a look around Glasson Dock, where old friends Trish and Colin started out from onboard Moody Time.  We spotted a Warrior there named Sunflight but following the demise of the Warrior Owners Site, I cannot look up any information about her.

13/02/13  Quite a snowfall this morning!  We drove up to Penrith to stay with Clive and Barbara's son Kevin, his wife Jane and two youngsters Daniel and Vicky for a day or two.  Snow ploughs and gritters were out in force on the motorway over Shap and most of Cumbria was snow covered. 

15/02/13  We made our way back to Clive's after a pleasant stay with Kevin and Jane......good to see them again, catch up with their news and make friends with their Border Collie and Groenendael dogs.

18/02/13  Not a lot happening, except the papers and television are full of demands for Sir David Nicholson (the head of NHS) to be sacked over the number of deaths in countrywide hospitals, and the ongoing 'horse meat scandal.'   The cardiology department of Blackpool Hospital phoned me and made an appointment for me tomorrow afternoon.

19/02/13  Kept my morning appointment with the vampire clinic at the medical centre, then after lunch Clive drove me to the hospital where I saw a cardiologist and had another ECG.  Further tests are needed before any decision on treatment is made and I have to return to the hospital tomorrow for a transthoracic echocardiograph (ultrasound), then at a later date for an angiogram.

20/02/13  The main road from Clive's is closed for a week for resurfacing, so we had to make a large detour to keep my appointment at Blackpool Hospital for my ultrasound - a messy gel covered experience - now I have to wait for that to be analysed.

21/02/13  My laptop is slowing down more each day, I think it's on it's last legs (a bit like me), so I may be looking for a replacement before very long.  That may cause problems with updating my website because I would have to download the entire site from the remote server to the 'new' machine......and I'm not sure I'm able to do that now that I can only use ftp for uploads.  Time will tell.

22/02/13  I have four more medical appointments over the next couple of weeks!  The weather here in UK is still very cold with forecasted sub-zero temperatures caused by an easterly wind dragging cold air in from Scandinavia.  I so wish I was back in the sunshine of Borneo!!

25/02/13  One of my hospital appointments has been brought forward by a week!  Yet another blood test at the doctor's surgery today.

28/02/13  My daily walk along the sea front is very pleasant when the sun shines!









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