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    december 2018


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01/12/18 Sat.  Happy Birthday Ann!

04/12/18 Tues.  Not a lot been happening here, no storms so far thankfully.  We went ashore yesterday and booked two tickets to Manila for six days so Ana can see her children (fly on the 7th).  Some boats arrived, some left.  Most importantly, my back is so much better than it was.....lots of massage, rest and pain killers.  I will be able to do some of the jobs onboard when we come back from Manila.

06/12/18 Thurs.  Moved the boat onto a mooring which caused a little concern as there was very little drive from the prop.  We had already removed the remains of a hessian rice sack and I can only imagine now that the 3 weeks here have resulted in a massive growth of barnacles!  We hoisted the dinghy on deck and that was covered in barnacles too.

07/12/18 Fri. Took a trike to the airport for our flight to Clark, then a bus from there to Valenzuela City.

13/12/18 Thurs. After six days at Ana's place, with the kids and other relatives we left at 4am for our bus back to Clark airport and our flight on to Puerto Princesa.  We overflew Rhumb Do on the approach to PP airport so we knew all was OK.  Before going to the yacht club, we went to immigration to extend my visa - an unbelievable process!  I filled in the form, gave them a photocopy of my visa and my passport and they said to come back at 3.15pm to pay.  Hold on, there are 3 staff doing nothing, I am here, why can't I pay now? Nope, you have to come back at 3.15pm.  So, back to the boat, have some lunch, dump the bags and back to immigration in the afternoon, pay the 2,130 peso for the extension and get told to come back at 4pm on Monday for the stamp!!  It's a bloody joke!

17/12/18 Mon.  Over the weekend we've been to town a couple of times and visited Baywalk and the town Christmas tree.  Obtaining money from ATM's is a challenge and I need to do that in order to pay for a reel of rope we ordered before leaving for Valenzuela.  It seems the ATM's have a problem reading my card, are out of order, run out of money or any other reason to deny me access.  Into the immigration office again at 3.56pm, only to be told to come back at 4pm!  If it were not so infuriating, it would be funny.  Anyway, at 4pm we sat and waited for half an hour, then got my passport stamped (which took all of 10 seconds).  On the back walf the office is a large poster detailing the immigration 'ideals', the top line reads "VISION - We are committed to provide an efficient, innovative and effective immigration service" and the bottom line reads "PROFESSIONALISM - We are the best at what we do."  I think something went seriously wrong with the plan!

22/12/18  Sat.  Ana's daughter Princess gave birth this morning to a daughter, so congratulations to her - and to Ana on becoming a Grandma!

25/12/18 Tues.  Merry Christmas to family and friends across the World.

Ana and I had a very quiet day, just the two of us onboard.  The club had no dinner organised and it rained for most of the day!

26/12/18 Weds.  Very little happening and we spend most of the time reading or playing games in the cockpit.  There are 19 yachts at anchor here in the bay but only 6 have crews onboard.  Going into town is something to be avoided where possible - too much traffic fumes for my liking.  When we moved the boat to a mooring before flying to Clark, there was very little propulsion and so I assume the barnacle growth on the prop has been excessive during the 3 weeks we were at anchor.  Either I, or someone else is going to have to go for a swim!


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