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    april 2019


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01/04/19 Mon.  Happy Birthday Ana!  For the second year running, Ana is in Manila and so there are no celebrations here.  My AIS arrived, I have fitted it again and all is well, the targets now appear on the chartplotter as they should.  The only problem is I cannot open the wi-fi on either my iPad or the laptop because they have obviously changed the password in order to repair it, and I don't know the new one!  E-mailed them to ask.  Also ordered some parts from the UK, filters, pumps etc.

05/04/19 Fri.  Parcel from the UK arrived - that is a DHL record, 5 days from ordering to delivery!  I am expecting two more parcels also, different couriers, which I doubt will arrive as quickly as the first but I am in no hurry.  I have the password for the AIS now and that all works well.

07/04/19 Sun. Well, the second parcel is still in the UK, it's by Parcel2Go and has taken 3 days to get from Manchester to London.....pathetic!

11/04/19 Thurs.  I went down to the ferry terminal yesterday at 5pm to meet Ana as she returned from Manila - good to have her back onboard!

13/04/19 Sat.  My second parcel containing the off engine secondary filter unit arrived this morning just before lunch.....10 days, so not too bad I suppose.  The weather is extremely hot here, very humid and we keep expecting the monsoons to start.

15/04/19 Mon.  This morning I made a start on renewing the fuel system - starting with the easy bit of renewing the steel braided pipe from fuel supply to lift pump.  Leyden Engineering made up the new pipe for me.  The additional filters will be a little more difficult as the fittings are a mixture of banjo bolts, 1/2" UNC and 1/4" NPTF fittings coupled with re-routing of the pipework.

18/04/19 Thurs.  I have done a little more to the fuel system change, now need to strip the nav. berth yet again to see where it's safe to drill though the bulkhead.  Repaired a broken galley drawer case today as it is too hot to work outside on the engine compartment.  The Digi phone bill saga has reared it's ugly head again with several phone calls to me saying I owe them 250 ringgit - it's all nonsense, the account was cancelled on the 1st November last year and paid up until the 16th.  We were out of the country for three months after that date.

23/04/19 Tues.  I now have all the pipes and fittings for the new fuel line routes, but each day is too hot to do any work in the cockpit - we are getting daily temps of around 42oC.  Digi telecommunications continue to harass me every day with up to 5 phone calls, text messages and e-mails asking me to pay a bill I don't owe!  Repeated visits to the Digi office in Financial Park to get them to sort it out and they just tell me to ignore all the demands "as the computer system has not yet caught up".  I wonder how long it will take?

25/04/19 Thurs.  We were up early this morning, showered, dressed and out at 4.40am.  We joined other yachties in the car park and drove out to the War Cemetery for the annual ANZAC Day dawn service - not so many people there this year, maybe 60 or so.  During the afternoon I completed the fitting of the new fuel system but found one of the banjo bolts leaking despite repeated attempts to stop it.

28/04/19 Sun.  All the fuel leaks have been stopped - caused by worn copper washers which should be changed but are not available here, so I have ordered some from the UK.  Yesterday I stripped down the domestic fresh water pump and serviced it, adding a washer to the underside of the pressure spring and correcting the pressure in the accumulator tank, it now gives constant flow and pressure at the shower head!  This morning we walked up to the beach to watch some of the events being held all weekend - sand castle building competition, tug-of-war etc.

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