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    APRIL 2018


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01/04/18  Sun.  Happy Birthday Ana!  Unfortunately, Ana is at home in Manila so no celebration here today!

04/04/18 Wed.  Another birthday today - Lyda next door on Viajero.  Nine of us went up to the new 'Back Yacht' bar/cafe in the marina and had a few drinks and ate cake!

05/04/18 Sat.  Over the last few days, I've been exchanging e-mails with Defender (the chandlery in the USA) with whom my new furler is on order.  It seems the manufacturer, ProFurl, do not have the model I want in stock, and are offering an alternative model.  After searching the internet, I concluded that the model offered is 'old' stock and no longer in production (neither are spares), so I have opted to wait until such time they have the original model I ordered.  I am still worried about fitting a new furler as it may well entail having the headsail altered to fit the new foil, something I obviously don't want to do because it would mean shipping it to Cebu in the Philippines, and back - and more expense!

09/04/18 Mon.  Ana flew back to KK from Manila today, then caught the bus to Menumbok and the ferry back to Labuan.  I went into town during the afternoon and met her at the Ferry Terminal around 5.30pm.  Great to have her back onboard!

11/04/18 Weds.  Rented a car for a couple of days, more searching of distant hardware stores for various bits and pieces!

13/04/18 Fri.  The back of the heads door is now covered with white formica, the edges trimmed - just before the rain started this evening.  Just remains to trim the hinge areas before sanding the other side in preparation for varnishing.  While Ana was in the Philippines, I e-mailed Air Asia with whom she would fly back, and asked about the small fridge tank that Cebu Pacific had refused last June.  Their response was that she would not be allowed to board with it, despite it being in the hold, new and empty.  When I asked why, their response again indicated that it could be used as a weapon.  I fail to see how a passenger can access the luggage area of an aircraft mid-flight to get at a very small tank, especially when the airline states quite clearly that you CAN take a baseball bat!  Anyway, the upshot of this little story is that Ana had to mail it (the postage cost more than the tank), and it arrived at the marina this morning.  I have now had it filled with refrigerant gas ready for use.  It is less than 12" in length and under 3" diameter, shown on the right.


14/04/18 Sat. Spent the day sanding and varnishing the heads door (outer side).  The Kraken Bar, which overlooks the marina is holding some sort of event this evening and have huge speakers facing this way, at 10am they started playing loud noise - it can only be described as noise, certainly not music, I guess the younger people call it 'techno' or some such thing, I call it absolute sh*t!  Now the targeted audience will occupy an area of around 100 yards by 100 yards but this was so loud it could be heard across the harbour in the shipyard and by all the ships at anchor, and it was continuous throughout the day. We had to shout onboard to make ourselves heard by each other.  By 4.30 I had enough (6.5 continual hours of unbearable crap) and complained to the Kraken management.  They apologised, reduced the volume a little (and temporarily), said it would go on until 2am and invited us all over for free food and drinks as compensation.  No way was I going to get even closer to that racket and at 6.30pm we gave up and went into town to escape the deafening cacophony, returning around 10.30pm and closing all doors and hatches in a bid to shut it out.

15/04/18 Sun.  The racket from the Kraken bar carried on all night, I got up at 5am, and still it pounded out across the harbour.  Finally, at 5.17am, it stopped!  So that was over 17 hours of uninterrupted misery, nice to be able to talk normally again now!  Bill and Lyda left this morning for Brunei, they will be back in a week or so.  Had a day relaxing and catching up on lost sleep.  Later in the day, we went over to Financial Park - I bought a new phone to replace mine, which has started to play up - call it an early birthday present to self!

18/04/18 Weds.  Rain has stopped a lot of the work outside over last couple of days, so I have been doing small jobs while Ana has been making mosquito nets for the two hatches.  When we get the sewing machine which is on order, we will be able to make more complicated items!



19/04/18 Thurs.  We heard the sad news today that our friend John (Major John Carruthers) passed away last week in KK.  When he lived here in Labuan, he would come down to the marina for a chat every day and we often visited his house for evening meals.  Unfortunately, he became a victim of dementia and moved into a care home in KK some time ago. Pictured here at Remembrance Day 2011, John was formerly in the Ghurkha Regiment.  Sad.  




22/04/18 Sun.  Most of the heads work is now complete, the locker front has been fitted, all joints sealed, the door re-hung and fittings replaced.  Just a little reshaping of some wood trim and a bit more varnishing to be done.  Day of rest!

28/04/18 Sat.  We went out with Bill, Lyda, Inge and Leziel last night for dinner at the Lazenda Hotel, food was good and inexpensive - the bill for us all, including drinks came to 174 ringgit (about 32).  Yesterday I spliced an eye into braid on braid rope and replaced the topping lift, something I have been intending to do for a long time!  My new sewing machine is doing the rounds. I can't understand the logic of FedEx delivery, on Thursday it arrived in KL, Friday it was sent to Canton in China, today it's back in KL.  It's only a couple of hours flying time from KL to Labuan, why on earth send it to China and back?

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