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My life stands… Behind me

Where many roads meet.

My life stands… Before me

Where many roads greet.


I am in search of the oracle, she resides I am told

Over the fence that bridles the grassy knoll.

There stands a tree; I am to sit in the shadow

Shaded from the sun’s earth bound halo… 


I sit quiet waiting for the dear lady to appear 

Nestled deep in the grass, nature gleaning my ear.

From under this tree I can view all round

Over valleys and hills to sky ward bound…


Then out of the canvas a shimmer emerged

Swaying, flowing, taking form in every surge.

A warm feeling began in my belly so low

Rising upward, setting my body a glow…


The form of a woman dressed in green blue silk

An aura of gold threads did cover her lilt.

Her hair draped soft so full of grace

Deepened her delicate skin, highlighting her face…


I stood as she called out my name so clear

Thank you for coming and listening in here.

Come let us wander this wide earth we love

Truth is a virtue let us beckon the peace dove…


High in the sky with vast wings so white

A dove covered the land, emulating the light.

God awaits you deep in niches and corners

Transgress all else and cross the borders…


All is there your future is set

You are only to follow and beget.

She whispered to me of love and fear

That I am loved for my journey so dear…


Look around take in this glorious view

Who do you see in all things so new?

Myself I did speak gently at first

Then take this mantle so not to thirst…


Wear it well this gown of fire and flame

It is yours, you left it, when descended you came.

I stand in the middle of a field to dwell

Wearing my mantle to remind me well…


Of the love and beauty, embrace this I know

That my journey to earth is rightly so.

She is gone the oracle I know so well

But has she,  for I can always tell…


She lives in the mists shrouding hills and valleys

Always to greet those ready to marry.

She lives in the forest and oceans so blue

Always to teach, forever be true…


Written by my very good friend M'Leia, and published with her kind permission.

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