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ian says....

I'd like to thank.......

Mum,  - Thank you for being the best any son could ever wish for. Thank you for your kindness.  Thank you for your understanding.  Thank you for your patience.  Thank you for your love, and thanks for always being 'you'. - I love you. XXXXXX

If loving was a raindrop,
Then yours would be a storm,
If kindness was a tiny flame,
Your blaze would keep me warm.
If beauty was a gentle stream,
Yours would be like the sea,
If strength was just one second,
Yours would be eternity.
If wisdom was a grain of sand,
Then yours would be a beach,
If grace was but a single word,
Then yours would be a speech.
If I could shape my future,
Id hope that Id become,
The closest I could get to being,
Just like you,
My Mum.

Clive, my brother and Babs, his wife - for never criticising and for all the work you have both done in looking after Mum whilst she has been unwell. For forming the nucleus of my family, for always being there.....my great and everlasting thanks to you. Love you both. XX

Ann, for being my rock during times of stress, for being the great friend that you are, for the holidays together, for everything else - and for looking after my shoreside interests whilst I'm playing sailors. You're the best. X

Sandra, for all the encouragement, support, advice..........and for being a real 'good egg!'  Good luck in the search for the elusive Mr Right! X

Trev and Babs, - long time friends (over 30 years now), for all the laughs on the road and in the Hunting Lodge.  Good health Trev, no more Kermits for you or I.  Wishing you all the best in your new home.

Ann & Martin, my neighbours, for your friendship over the last 20 years, for all the help you gave me when needed. I couldn't have wished for better street buddies.

Chris & Andy at work - I wouldn't have lasted as long as I did without you two - thanks lads!

Sue, for the advice and direction given in starting up this web-site. As you can see, I'm still the novice!

Kate & her daughter Emma, again for being such good friends for such a long time - over 30years - thanks ladies!

Piglet,     831 XXX.