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January - June 2006


06/2/06      Ian's house sold.

18/2/06      Found "Iolair II" in Southsea Marina after travelling to Southampton to view another Warrior for the 3rd time - and rejecting it.

26/2/06      Trial sail.  Weather forecast ....gale force 8 NE, increasing.   Trial sail cancelled.

11/3/06     Trial sail.   Arrived marina at 0800 after driving down from Kent and having breakfast on the way.  Slipped mooring at 0900 and motored out of marina, picking our way through the channel into an area where we were able to hoist full sail.  Wind a nice F4.  Sailed out through the submarine barriers and across the mouth of Portsmouth harbour, out to Cowes and return.  Dee at the helm for a great deal of the time.  Started engine when close in to Southsea, battling a strong ebb to re-enter marina before low water.   Inspected all ships papers over a late lunch before returning to Kent.

12/3/06      Made formal offer for "Iolair II" which was accepted.

15/3/06      Drove to Weybridge to collect spare engine.

19/3/06      Dee away on  RYA sailing course for four days.

25/3/06      Intended departure date from Southsea, to sail to Gillingham.  Cancelled because of house sale problems.

11/4/06      Drove to Weybridge to collect dinghy, sails, awnings etc.

21/4/06      Supposed 'move out' of house passed without actually happening.  Continuing problems with buyer's.

May '06     Ongoing purchase problems throughout the month delaying collection of boat from Southsea.

03/6/06      Hold up continued, house buyer's mortgage in place, solicitors delaying.

09/6/06      Date of house sale completion agreed for the 21st June 2006.

21/6/06      Officially homeless, of no fixed abode, unable to vote, can't get bail.....too late now!!

24/6/06      Provisional sailing date from Southsea